It’s Home Designer Halloween Party Time with Dr. Panda!

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This post is in partnership with Dr. Panda. All opinions are our own and 100% true. 

Halloween is now Over and a new holiday is approaching, but we can’t forget about the fun that was had in my daughter’s class with Dr. Panda apps. My kid absolutely loves Halloween and equally loves Parties so when she saw the awesome party kit that Dr. Panda sent us, she could not contain her excitement!

First, let me tell you about the Dr. Panda Apps. Dr. Panda is the world’s most favored Panda. Together with Dr. Panda, kids discover the world, creating their own experiences and most importantly, have lots of fun! There are no rules, no time limits, no scoring… which means kids are free to play along any way they’d like and begin their adventure with Dr. Panda and his friends. The Boxed game that we received was the Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer. It’s a creative canvas for building the home of any child’s dreams! They get to Color and customize flashcards however they’d like. Then, like magic, see their creations magically appear in 3D using a smart device! We also had a chance to turn into candy makers with the Dr. Panda Candy Factory App.

We received a few ADORABLE Halloween decors including spider webs and big cardboard pictures to set the cute party tone.

After having the teacher Help put up decorations and set the tablecloths, we let the kids eat their pizza and munch on sweet treats. It couldn’t be a Halloween Party without this Cute Home-made Pull Apart cake!

After that, we had a dance off to burn off some of the sugar calories. My daughter’s Pre-Kindergarten classroom still conducts Naptime so it was time to sneak in some educational time in the form of an app. With a Class of 20 kids, we DEFINITELY had enough erasable flashcards for everyone. We only had 12 markers so the kids worked in groups to decorate the coolest house ever. Check out how into it these kids were…

The highlight for each kid was the surprise spelling activity! Who knew that a simple animation would make kids so excited to spell out their 3-D Masterpieces?

Overall, The Party went great and the Dr. Panda Plus: Home Designer set and apps were a hit! Be sure to stay on the Lookout for a huge Holiday Giveaway in which you could win a Home Designer Unit for yourself!

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