TOTY 2018 Nominee: Teddy Ruxpin 2017!

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Yes, I know this toy is making your 80’s Baby heart go, pitter-patter. It’s because this iconic loveable interactive storytelling bear from the 80s is being magically brought back to life this year by Wicked Cool Toys! Teddy Ruxpin has also made it into the Nominees of This Year’s TOTY Toy Of The Year Awards!

According to the internet (and my sister), the original Teddy Ruxpin became an overnight sensation back in 1985 and went on to become the best-selling toy of 1985 and 1986. Though he isn’t block-heavy and contains a cassette player anymore, he’s still loveable and DOES attract all the little ones. Here’s what’s New…

Now with his 21st Century makeover, Teddy Ruxpin has Color LCD eyes with 40+ expressions that are too cute. Straight out of the box, he comes with 3 pre-loaded stories and 7 songs as well as the option to have a digital read-along using your own smart device with Bluetooth connectivity and the free app. In this day and age, kids almost truly rely on wi-fi wherever they go and I’ve seen kids get really upset when they realize that they can’t use their tablets without it for some games. Wicked Cool Toys thought about this…….

NO WiFi REQUIRED! Yep, That’s right! You kids are able to enjoy Teddy Ruxpin anywhere they go. Whether in the car, at the playground or in an airplane, Teddy Ruxpin will bring the kids joy, happiness,  Literacy Comprehension, and even vocabulary! He features an animatronics mouth that is lip-synched with the stories and songs, making it feel like Teddy is alive! The mechanical mouth motor is noticeable but not as loud as it was on the Original Teddy Ruxpin. Kid-friendly touch sensors in his hands and chest are there to help control Teddy’s actions. 

Bedtime Stories will never be the same again for the little ones of today. Many complaints I’ve heard about the toy is just about the amount of content it brings to the $100 price mark. Personally, the stories are great and though it is a recreation of a classic, You get a LIGHTER plush toy with current technology animations. Therefore, the value of the product isn’t just determined on what it brings in the box, but what changes and new pros that have been made.

Teddy Ruxpin is (1) of 8 Nominees for This year’s TOTY Toy Of The Year Awards in the Infant / Toddler Toy of the year category! If you’ll be at Play Fair, you’ll be able to cast your votes IN PERSON. Play Fair takes place in NYC on November 4th and November 5th. For more information head over to

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