Google To The Rescue for Father’s Day! #GiftsForAll

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This post was created in collaboration with Google. All opinions are our own.
We received products to help facilitate this review.

I don’t know what’s happening in life, but I’ve become very bad at remembering what day of the week it is. So Bad that Father’s Day crept up on us and I wasn’t even ready! Thank goodness that Google has created some of the Best Products for those dads who are over the Tools, Ties, and T-shirts.

For the Dad who wants Versatility when Drawing, creating, or even Surfing the web… It’s the Google PixelBook! This gorgeous Laptop turns into a Tablet, is Touch Screen, can get into Tent-Mode for when you want to watch movies and a whole lot more. June 17th (Father’s Day) is the final day where You can save $250 on a Pixelbook at Best Buy, Amazon, and the Google Store. The deal is only valid on the model with 8GB with an i5 processor and 128GB SSD.

For the Dad who Loves to capture each and every precious moment, but finds himself truly missing out on being IN the moment… The Google Clips. The Google Clips is a lightweight, hands-free camera that captures life’s beautiful and spontaneous moments with the help of machine learning and motion detection. It’s not just about them smiling, looking at the camera, or posing on request (near-impossible with kids and pets who don’t want to sit still!). You may want to get your daughter jumping up and down in excitement, or your son kissing your cat. It’s all about the little moments and emotions that you can’t stage or coordinate ahead of time. Clips’ improved intelligence can help dad capture more of the candid and fleeting moments that happen in between those posed frames we are all so familiar with.

Lastly, For the Dads who like Music and need the right tool to give them all the answers… It’s The Google Home. Whether You decide to get the original, the Mini or the Max, You can bet that Dad will be Over The Moon! Dad can get the latest weather forecast, traffic, finance, sports and so much more. He can even listen to animal noises at your child’s request. He won’t miss any more reminders or calendar appointments thanks to the built-in Google Assistant that we’ve all come to love in our Android devices! They start at $39 after special promotions available almost everywhere.

I Hope this quick Guide to Google Products helps you get Dad the Best Gift Ever! Comment below and let us know which product Made By Google, you went with…

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