Nighttime Gaming just got Lit Up with Super Wubble Brite! {GIVEAWAY}

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Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post. I received this WubbleX ball for review, as well as, financial compensation in exchange for my honest opinion. As with all my posts, our opinions are 100% honest and our own. This post may contain affiliate links. #SuperWubbleBrite

As you may have noticed, We LOVE  the Wubble Bubble Ball! We’ve had the Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball, We’ve had the WubbleX Anti-Gravity Ball, The GloWubble, The Water Wubble, and most recently… The Super Wubble Brite! Allow me to tell you how much I LOVE their latest Wubble design/ product and How You can win one!

First off, the all-new Super Wubble Brite lights up! It’s he made with Xpandium which is their incredible new material that is much stronger, much more tear-resistant and even Patchable. That’s right, they’ve now included an emergency repair kit for those times when the kids kick it into the bushes and it gets a hole.

It’s still just as squishy and stretchy and fun as before, but now it can withstand a lot more kicking and bouncing and hitting. We certainly kicked it, tossed it, and even pinched it quite a lot. Gabriella actually fell on top of it a few times and I was happy to see that it did not pop… all it did was squish and reshape into ball form.

The one thing that I absolutely love about the new Wubble Brite is the new battery operated pump! It’s way smaller than those of Past wubbles. Instead of four size D batteries, it now requires four size AA batteries. This makes the nozzle much less heavy and easier to store. It only took about 1 to 2 minutes to get it as big as we wanted it to be. When you’re finished playing you can deflate it using the nozzle that’s included and put it away for next time. Because the ball is White it definitely got really dirty. I decided to clean it off with some baby wipes before putting it away, but I was happy to see that the dirt came off really easy. It does not come in colors due to it having a button light inside. It changes from red to Blue to Purple to green.

As with all the other Wubbles, this one also has a lifetime replacement guarantee. If it pops and is beyond repair from the patches, just send it back with a self-addressed envelope and $6.99 Money order or check to cover shipping and processing, and they will replace it.

Each box comes with a little Packet of petroleum jelly to help you put the nozzle into the ball for easy inflation, I left that little packet at home so I just put my fingers into it and kind of opened it up and stuck the nozzle in before letting go.

Overall, This Wubble was a Hit! We can’t wait to play again and light up the night. This is definitely something to put under the tree this holiday season! Click HERE to see where you can buy yours and Don’t Forget to enter the giveaway below…

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