It’s a Travel Tech World Out There! #CTATravel

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We were invited to this event as media. All attendees received a Giftbag for attending.

It’s 2018, life has become all about tech and travel… Why not combine the two to make some amazing technology that is not only insanely cool but also completely useful? I got the chance to check out some pretty awesome tech yesterday at an intimate tech event by Techlicious and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Here’s what’s new…

This event was hosted at Quality Italian Steakhouse, which gave off a rustic vibe, with a side of super classiness. Entering the venue, I headed straight towards the small Sony table to see what big news they had for me. The first thing to catch my eye was the new Sony RX100 VI Cybershot Camera. All the available features on the new Mark VI put my DSLR to shame. It’s compact, convenient and an all-around great travel accessory. 

Another thing that caught my eye was the Sony SP700N Truly wireless headphones with Noise Cancelling features and ambient sound mode. It comes with its own carry case which provides 9 hours of recharging power while the headphones give 3 hours of power at a time.

Have you ever wanted to have a portable charger on hand at any moment, but realized you couldn’t charge it due to not having the right cable to charge it? Well, that situation is now in the past thanks to the new Special Edition My Charge Portable charger which plugs right into the wall!

Thanks to CTA, we also discovered a brand new way to take our Carry-on around an airport or even around the city. With the Modobag, your carry-on can now carry you! You can ride your bag all around town. It obtains an 80% Charge in 15 minutes with a Quick charge feature and a Full Charge in 1 hour. 

 Next thing I tried was the HTC Vive Virtual Reality. I put it on and truly escaped to a new destination. I could choose from any city in different parts of the world, but for the purpose of me reviewing the device, I decided to head to Disney. I was able to virtually soar through Walt Disney World and even get a street view of my favorite walkways and rides. Such a great device if you just want to travel in your PJs within your House…

 When it comes to movies and shows, Streaming is the best! I’ve ditched cable and am still enjoying all the different streaming Services available. It was fun to check out Roku and really get an understanding of what that little device does. I can’t wait to set it up and take it with us on our upcoming travels so that we can still watch our favorites, no matter where we go.

 There were a few other cool tech products that I didn’t get the full info on, so I’ll add them when I learn more. 

 Overall, the event was great, the products were great, the food was delicious and I learned so much! 

Out of all the Gadgets and Gizmos I posted, which was your favorite?

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