Plan The Perfect Creative Galaxy Themed Birthday Party!

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This post was created in partnership with Oriental Trading. All creative ideas and opinions are our own.

Happy New Year, Everyone! I’ve been MIA mostly because I’ve been too busy working, super tired, and planning a mini long needed vacation. My daughter is a January baby and just turned 5! She LOVES parties so I had to celebrate some way. I asked her what her theme should be and she immediately said “Creative Galaxy”… I had lots to do since there was NOTHING out there on how to put this theme together. It was time to Mix, Match, and Improvise.

For those who don’t know what Creative Galaxy is, Here’s my review of these adorable Amazon Original Series… 

Anywho, I am a Pinterest mom so I obviously set out to find other Creative Galaxy Themed parties. I reached many dead ends and the two I did find was mainly just Art settings. I decided to take a look at what  Oriental Trading had to offer. 
**Proud to say that I’m an Oriental Trading Ambassador, so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more Parties Posted**

I love that Oriental Trading has party supplies grouped by themes and categories so I decided to search for the “Creative” side of this party in the Little Artists Party Supplies Page.  We found Paint Palette shaped plates, Paint Splatter Plates, Little Artist Napkins cellophane goody bags & a Bean Bag Toss Game. They offered so much more and it took some self-control to no get it all, but I had to remember it was time to look at the “Galaxy” part of the party.

In the Space Party Supplies page, we found Space party plates, Colorful metallic stars, and Space Galaxy backdrops. I also ordered some miscellaneous stuff for goody bags and used some on hand party supplies that we had stored. Once it was all laid out, It was time to decorate.


I grabbed the space Galaxy backdrop and put up just 2 of the panels since we didn’t have much room for a third. I took some crepe streamers in the color of the rainbow and set them on each corner. I LOVE using themed plates as part of the party Decor, so I grabbed the paint palette plates and placed one on each corner over the rainbow streamer. The middle looked plain so I took the streamers and created a middle cascade effect. then covered the end with a space plate over a little artist plate (hence Creative Galaxy). 

The background looked cute, but I wanted to add more character so I found a picture of Arty, Epiphany, and the creative galaxy planets and printed it out poster style to make it big enough to look good on the backdrop. DOUBLE SIDED TAPE IS YOUR FRIEND! The final touch was writing Gabriella’s Galaxy and editing it to our liking then printing out.

Photo Prop

I am a fan of photo Props so I printed out Art and Epiphany (poster style) and pasted them on to cardboard and cut them out. I used rolled cardboard to make a stand for them and they were complete.

Party Games

The little artist Bean Bag toss was a hit with the little kids and even the big kids (though their own rules applied).


Trying to find an idea for the Cake was harder than I thought, but we decided to create Arty’s Rocketship landed on his home planet along with his friends. I took a sphere mold on flipped it upside down with sprinkles covering it. We placed it on the Green covered cake and then we placed the characters on. I knew that the Creative Galaxy Gang would be hard to find so I printed out a few pictures and laminated them. I made sure to put a baggie tie in the laminating sheets so that we could make them stand on the cake. I needed a round shape for the Spaceship’s pit so I used a cupcake holder.

Party Outfit

I have a girl who loves dresses and skirts so I let her wear her rainbow tutu to touch on the Creative side and chose a Navy Blue shirt to touch on the Galaxy part. A Sparkly Blue Bow was our version of Arty’s hat.

Final Decorations

The metallic stars are about 7 inches tall so they were big enough to be seen! They don’t come with strings to hang theme, but I had gold ones and just cut them different lengths. I lined them across the hallway ceiling and scattered them across the living room ceiling. A Rainbow Tutu on the cake table was surely a sweet touch. It was definitely a colorfully Galactic site!

Overall, the party was a hit! It was Cute, Fun, Colorful, and everything my 5 Year old wanted. 

Have YOU ever had to put together a them that was yet to have party supplies?
What was the Theme? 

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  1. Thank you! Many of the DIY parts I was able to do the morning Of since it took no time at all. And if she loves Spongebob, then you should DEFINITELY take her to see it Live on Broadway! It's epic and very Bright.

  2. What an awesome party theme! I've never seen Creative Galaxy before, but I have to say, you did a great job with all the decorations, and your daughter looks adorable!

  3. I love this! My 2, soon to the 3 yr old will have this as her theme. A few questions though. Where did you get the hanging stars and the backdrop from? I noticed the plates from oriental trading.. is that where the stars and backdrop came from too?

  4. So I'm coming into this a year late but this is exactly what my daughter wants for her 5th birthday party next month! I'm so excited to see Oriental Trading has art and space decorations as I am NOT a Pinterest mom, lol. But I can run with a theme, thanks for sharing!!!

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