Treat Yourself with Google at NYC’s Flatiron Pop Up!

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Caution: Fun Experiences Ahead…

We were invited to the Pop-Up as media and treated to some fun activities, a Google Home Mini
and Customized Wrapping paper.

A few weeks ago we received an invite to check out the Made By Google Pop Up Shop down in Flatiron. We got to have a hands-on experience with all the cool google products and gadgets that are currently available. When we left, I promised my kid we’d be back and sure enough, we were invited back to get a completely different experience than the 1st time with their event, Treat Your Self!

Upon arrival, we stopped at the Hot Cocoa Truck to create personalized Selfie Marshmallows! They take a break between 2 and 3pm so we couldn’t do the personalized marshmallow, but it’s ok since we were set to have fun either way. 
We headed inside and saw that the place had been transformed a bit since the last time we were there. A new backdrop was added for the Wrapping paper experience. 

For every person who purchases a Google Product in store, you get to take a fun picture with some trendy threads on with the Google Pixel 2 and a rep will turn it into custom wrapping paper! My Mom, daughter, and I each got our own paper. But being that most of our gifts are already wrapped, We’ll be using these next year…

Note: My mother could not contain her excitement so she wrapped 1 gift in her paper for this year!

After taking all our pics, We headed to the Snowglobe! Yes, Google created a snowglobe-like ball pit with a beautiful snowy window display and awesome music to make you enjoy the limited play time. No matter how tall you are, You WILL sink! At one point, I couldn’t find my kid in all the balls and was hoping one of the other 4 people didn’t step on her. 6 people are allowed in the Pit at a time, but it’s SO spacious that no one bumps into each other!

After you enjoy the “Snowglobe”, you are welcome to experience some virtual reality with the Google Daydream View. The Daydream view is lightweight, comfortable, and awesome! The designs are similar to the new Google Home Mini which makes it look sleek and modern.

After completing all the fun, We headed out to our awaited Pedi Cabs courtesy of Google. Living in NYC for 26 years, but this was our first time EVER riding in a PediCab and the rider was so nice offering to take photos of us and willing to take us anywhere between Washington Square Park and 23rd street.

Overall, we had a fabulous experience and highly recommend it to anyone who’s in the City for the holidays. 

The pop-up store itself, Google@Flatiron at 110 Fifth Ave at 16th Street, will be open through December 31, 2017. It is a place for people to experience and purchase their Made by Google hardware line, including the Pixel 2 phone, Google Home Mini, Google Home, Google Home Max, their Daydream View VR headset and their Pixelbook laptop. There are lots of experiences that are fun for everyone even if they are NOT making a purchase, including the Snow Globe (open till Dec 31) and Treat Yourself (open 12/9-12/18). Treat Yourself, which we experienced above to make the wrapping paper, is open through Dec. 18. So even when that experience closes, the store itself will remain open through Dec. 31. The Snow Globe ball pit area will also be open through December 31.

Now head out, create some wrapping paper and have some fun!

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