Kid Stash “Entomology” box Review!

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 Milk and Honey Kids

I was able to get my hands on a New Subscription box called Kid Stash. I received the box for a female ( who HATES bugs…lol). It just so happen that the first box of the Kid Stash company was none other than Entomology, The study of insects!

Here’s out first view of the box:

And all the Contents Within..

The first thing we picked up was the Big View bug jar. Ours had a purple Lady bug magnifying glass as its top. The retail price of this bug collecting jar is $8.99 and once I explained to Drama Queen K what it was for, she immediately wanted to go to the park. (We didn’t go, it was late)

The next thing we looked at was The LEAF MEN by William Joyce (retail $7.99). This book is a very entertaining tale of Villians and superheroes with BEAUTIFUL art work. Although its told from a an insect’s “perspective”, kids will love following this adventure and seeing how the day is saved!

Third item in our “stash” was an Inflatable bug! ($9.99)

Our Insect was a Dragon Fly, Drama Queen K’s most HATED INSECT! I couldn’t stop laughing and the coincidences. She was cooperative enough to touch is and hold it, but I guarantee you she is still a bit creeped out!

The huge insect is actually included as a great learning tool for your child to learn what exactly makes insects different. The realistic details of these Super-sized creatures are based on insect Field guides. Buy a Few more and your child will see amazing details magnified. They’ll  see parts of the body they would’ve never seen beforehand.

The Last and Most favored thing in our Kidstash was this Clothespin Wings Craft from Artzooka! 

It brings enough materials to Make 3 winged insects. Your child will let their creativity flow with this one. 150 Felt stickers help them decorate each winged insect to your own liking.
Overall, this box is so cute. Although my niece is a bit over the age range, she still enjoyed it. Head on over to their site and don’t hesitate to purchase a subscription!

Disclaimer: A special thank you to Rebecca of Kid Stash
for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I
received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest
and all mine. This Post Also Contains Affiliate Links!

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