Mission Unboxable Spy Kits Review and Coupon Code!

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Mission Unboxable is a new Kid’s  subscription box from Etsy. Lisa and her children developed 13 kits designed to intrigue and entertain your young ones. This Subscription focuses on secret spy missions and role playing for hours.

When I was given the chance to review a Mission Unboxable spy kit, I was Super excited! I’ve always LOVED spy stuff and this was definitely going to be a fun review.

I was sent (2) Missions… Both stamped “TOP SECRET!” (Shhhh). Masters of Disguise was our first mission. Although my kit was only sent for 1 person, I found a way to split the activities between 3 people. ( There are options in Lucy’s Etsy shop to receive activities for more kids)
Here is Agent A, Ready to start his mission.

And now the Contents of Top Secret Mission #1 :

Inside we found (1) Pair of Shades, A pack of (3) Sticky Mustaches, a wanted Poster, and a “Self Destructing” Letter. The letter stated the name of the mission,  different wait to complete the mission and at the end a Count down with a Bomb (this is the “Self Destruct Feature).
Since the spy kit came with 3 mustaches I decided to invite the neighbors (Agent A.M and Agent Ant) to take part in this fun operation. Here are the different Disguises they came up with.
Agent Ant even thought of getting a Unibrow (Smart Thinking):

Next, I divided the wanted poster into 3 sections so that each of them could draw themselves.

It was definitely a fun Mission and they accomplished it well!
Mission 2 : Operation Incognito!

In this mission, the kids had to pick out their Code Names! First name came from Envelope A and the Second from Envelope B. There was only One badge so Only One Child got to fill it out.

Meet Agent Crimson Phantom :

Agent Silver Rider:

 and Agent Midnight Snake:

This was definitely a fun box and ANY child would be excited to receive a secret mission in the mail every month!
Do you want to Sign up for this amazing box?? You can Go To Lisa’s ETSY shop and use code Selene5 to save $5 off a Minimum Purchase of $50! Code Expires on August 22nd so Get it fast! =]

Disclaimer: A special thank you to Lisa of Mission Unboxable for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I
received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest
and all mine. This Post may Also Contain Affiliate Links!

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