What You Need To Know To Plan an Awesome Paint and Sip for Kids! #ADogsWayHome

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For the most part, kids love to get messy. Paint is number one on the list of messy craft supplies, but something about the concentration required to paint the tiny masterpiece makes it the most relaxing form of art. A new form of activity is now super amazing and is designed to be for both kids and adults by just switching up the images to be painted and the drinks served… It’s called a Paint and Sip party and here’s how you can plan your very own for kids.

We are always getting news about new movies or shows coming out and this time we were introduced to A Dog’s Way Home! A Dog’s Way Home chronicles the heartwarming adventure of Bella, a dog who embarks on an epic 400-mile journey home after she is separated from her beloved human. In honor of the film which reaches theatres on January 11th, I decided to set up a cute little surprise for my daughter and a friend after school.

First, I searched the internet to find adorable clip arts of puppies that would tie well with the film’s poster. Once I found it, I grabbed a blank canvas and drew the puppy using a pencil so that the kids would see the lines and know where to color. It’s exactly like creating a coloring page for them to visualize and bring to life in color.

Next, You make sure that you have some acrylic paint to really stick to the canvas. Be very careful and Acrylic Paint IS permanent. Having brushes in various sizes also helps with the kids being able to stay within the lines.

The last thing you need is some Juice boxes, smoothies, or anything that the kids can “sip” on as they paint.

The kids will have loads of fun and you won’t really need any other decorations since the goal is just to paint and relax…

Have you or your children been to a Paint and Sip lately? What did you/they paint?

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