A Baby Doll Adoption Party Like No Other! #LilStylishCrybabies

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Back in November, we hosted an unboxings playdate all about a baby doll who couldn’t help but cry when she didn’t have her Paci. Cry Babies needed new homes and I looked through our very special list of mini influencers to see who’d make a loving home for each of them. Our mini mommas were set to be so excited and couldn’t wait to get the party started!

We decided to host our unboxing at the super cute Hello Princess NYC in the Bronx. This location is perfect for small gatherings, birthday parties, and plain ol’ get together fun. We teamed up with the perfect sponsors: Cry Babies Dolls, LilleBaby, Horizon Group USA, Arizona Beverages, Shasta Sparkling Water, and GoGo SqueeZ!
When it comes to little girls and baby dolls, it’s a no-brainer that these kids would be super affectionate. We set up an “Adoption Station” and placed the dolls in a way for the girls to see all of the dolls available. For a bit more personalization, I created some adorable adoption certificates and cut it out with my Cricut Explore Air. 

They made the perfect place cards so that our guests would know which seat to sit in. They also worked in letting the girls know which Cry Babies Doll they’d be adopting!

Aside from the certificates, we lined the tables with fabric pieces from the Quilt Making Kits which Horizon Group USA sent us for the event. The entry activity was for each kid to pick 4-6 squares and turn it into a loving baby quilt for their new baby. Kids had a blast picking the colors and us “Grammas” was happy to help them tie them all together within a reasonable time.

Parents got to chat while drinking some yummy Shasta Sparkling Water and eating up the new Arizona Fruit Snack gummies.

While the Kiddos got to devour all the GoGo Squeez they wanted. It’s seriously the most delicious snack ever.

At the end of the event, the girls got to check out their adoption certificate and grab their Cry Babies. 

Behind their chair, they got to grab and put on their adorable Doll Baby Carriers from Lillebaby! In different designs like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and World of Warcraft, each mini momma got the style that they loved. 

By the end of the night, these Lil Stylish kids were over the moon and Cry Baby wearing until it was time to go…

What a great way to end November and really get everyone in a thankful mood.

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