Fashion Kids Spotlight: You See, It’s Kid City Out There!

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We were provided with a Voucher to purchase clothing in order to Facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% our own.

It’s now the season for travel. It’s also the time in which fashion changes from Long sleeves and pants to short sleeves and light skirts. We will be traveling to the Dominican Republic soon and I like to get us things that we will have exclusively to wear out there while brand new. Did I just confuse you a bit? What I mean is that I buy a few items for the travel and immediately pack it, then it doesn’t get used until we travel. Kid City Stores had everything I needed for our trip and I was even able to grab some Bonus School Items for our New Kindergarten adventure coming August 20th… Enough of that, Here’s our latest Fashion Haul.

We LOVE Kid City Stores as you can see from Post 1 and Post 2 as well as our Video Haul. For this time around, we decided to take our voucher to the Brooklyn Location. The options were great, affordable, and super cute! Compared to our past Haul Transactions, This one went INCREDIBLY SMOOTH! If you are paying Cash or card you will never have a problem checking out, but I had a Gift voucher and the ladies at the last store had absolutely no idea what they were supposed to do. Having a simple and easy transaction this time around was absolutely perfect. Now the real point of the post… The Fashion.

We left the store with the following items: 3 dresses, 3 tops, 6 Shorts, 3-pack camis, 2-pack bras, Basic Tights, 2-pack socks, 10 total underwears, Thick Leggings and a Toy Make-up kit.

Quick story, I’ve had a really cute blush skirt in Gabby’s closet for a while and never put it on her because I just couldn’t find the right top. Kid City had that Top that I had been looking for! It was the perfect color and was definitely awards night ready.

Top from Kid City

The Dresses available at Kid City stores range from full-on Party elegance to Summer vibe ones. They are very comfy and keep your kid ready for whatever. As a Blogger Kid, we always have events to go to and with the affordability of Kid City, my kid can look great in many different pieces.

If we want to go for a more Casual look, they had many cute shorts and tanks. They also had cool graphic tees with sayings like “#Selfie #Love #Me” and “Run The World”. Tropical print tops were also in abundance. My favorite part of these stores is that they have the girls stuff on 1 floor, the boys stuff on a 2nd and the Baby stuff and toys on a third. It makes shopping super simple.

I mentioned that we had enough for some Basics and BTS stuff so I’m showing you the Navy Leggings, Tights, and Camis that my kid will wear under her School Uniform…

As well ass the under bras, undies, and Socks that we can never be without…

Overall, the shopping experience was a success. I prefer the number of selections at the Bronx store, but the Brooklyn stores make the transactions super smooth! 

Do you live by a Kid City or Youngland Department Store? How often do you shop there?

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