Is Personal Trainer Food the right Weight loss Program For You? #AD

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I was given a Challenge… One of the toughest challenges I had to face this year thus far. I was Given 28 Days worth of meals that are supposed to help in my weight loss adventure. The meals came from a program called Personal Trainer Food and I’m here to tell you all about it!

What Is Personal Trainer Food?

Well, Personal Trainer Food (PTF) is an eating plan created by nutrition experts who believe that weight loss is about 90% food and 10% exercise. They provide 28 days of delicious food to deliver quick weight loss results (I was sent 3 meals per day, plus snacks).

It’s real food that is pre-cooked, frozen and sealed in individual-portioned packages. It isn’t TV-Dinners either. It’s literally fresh food waiting to be heated up. Customers get to choose their 28 breakfasts, 56 vegetables and 56 entrees. For the purpose of this review we were sent a random mix of stuff from their 26 different entrees selections and all the rest including grilled chicken, Angus burgers, cheeseburger sticks and zesty chicken fingers. And to all the customers, Your food gets delivered to your door free of charge via FedEx!

Anywho, I started my journey on the 23rd of January and was SOOOOO Determined to make this my “Thing”. For breakfast I’d have an Omelet and Sausage Patty (or Bacon) which would completely fill me up. Along with all the food, arrived 4 special sauces such as Cinnamon Explosion for my apples and breakfast, Sweet Garlic Butter sauce for my veggies and chicken, Some Sriracha Sauce for my other meats and a Cheddar Bacon sauce that I did not get to try yet.

For my lunch I’d have One bagged portion of Veggies + a Bagged portion of meat. I thought all of my meals had to be heated up in the microwave, but after a few taste tests of the breaded meats I knew microwaving was not going to be ideal. Thankfully, I have an Air Fryer AND a Multifryer that I was able to use to heat up different meats and not only did it work out better, but I feel as though it added more flavor! I used NO OIL, just a little splash of the Garlic Butter sauce that we were sent. To be completely honest, Food gets BORING, so to see how else I was mixing up the options, check out my video below…

OVERALL, this program is indeed amazing. I tried to complete the full 28 days, but I let my emotions and stress get the best of me so I failed the 28 day challenge. However, I did start to feel and see some of the difference this program made. It made me want to eat cleaner and become a better me. To get full details on the program head to their site HERE.

Lastly, Take advantage of special Promo Code PTFMOMS125 that will take $125 off the program Just for you!

Have you ever tried a Weight loss Program?
What were your results?

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