Busting Myths At the MythBusters : The Explosive Exhibition #MTMyth

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, All opinions and fun had are true and our own! Attendees received gift bags for attending.

Anytime you watch a show that is about to show you some extremely scientific Myth Busting or foolishness, You’ll read a disclaimer that tells you “Do Not Try This at Home!” I’m here to tell you that you can most certainly try this….. at the LIBERTY SCIENCE CENTER’s New MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.

As always, Momtrends hosted in incredibly fun event at the Liberty Science Center so that we’d have the chance to check out their new exhibits. Though we live in NYC, I don’t find the public transportation to be outrageous. For me and my child, the Liberty Landing Ferry that takes us into Jersey City only cost us $7 both ways. The walk to the LSC from the ferry stop is about 15-20 minutes so be sure to have your comfy shoes on.

The first thing on our #MTMyths agenda was to grab a bite to eat and take a few fun photos with some Science props. Next was the Live Show which I’ve attached for you below:

After finding out if it was Possible, Impossible or Plausible for someone to just out of the way of a shooting paintball, it was time to head to the Workshop and test some experiments for ourselves. Our Favorite being “Running In The Rain”. We tested the theory of whether running, rather than walking, in the rain really keep you drier? 

According to Gabriella, You get less wet when you walk… But it’s WAY MORE FUN to Run! We ended our individual experimentations with a very cool Trick of pulling a tablecloth off a table while still leaving all the “Porcelain” on the table. Though Gabby didn’t quite do it right… She was still VERY Excited and screamed out “I did It!”

The following exhibit was “ILLUSION: Nothing is as it Seems“. The Illusion Exhibit investigates how perception defines the way we see, feel, think, and understand the world around us. One of the illusions called All the Universe is Full of the Lives of Perfect Creatures morphed me (Within its Mirror) into my inner animal which just so happened to be a beautiful and Fierce Snow Wolf. The Hurwitz Singularity by Jonty Hurwitz was also a Nice Illusion where you look from the sides and see something completely different than what you’d see if you were head on.

Aside from the amazing Traveling exhibits, you should always be on the lookout for other stuff going on in the Liberty Science Center. After getting our Myth Busting and Illusion discovering on, We actually Headed to a Dental Fair that was open to the public where Gabby got to win prizes, get toothbrushes, and even create a Mold of her little hand! 

Never miss a chance to visit this amazing center if you’re in Jersey City or even just as a weekend trip from NYC. You’re sure to have a Fantastic time!

General Admission: 
  • $21.75 for Adults
  • $18.75 for Seniors 62+
  • $17.75 for Children 2-12
  • Museum Members and Children under 2 are Free
What’s Your Favorite Myth?

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