Week 3: Homemade Gummy Bear Slime and We Bare Bears Review! #CampWarnerBros

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We were provided with a gift card in order to help facilitate this review.

It’s week 3 of virtual camp here in NYC and my daughter is enjoying all the fun! This week at Camp Warner Bros., Cartoon Network’s beloved bears will stack up in their greatest adventure, with their first movie ever – We Bare Bears: The Movie! Everyone, get ready for loveable bear hugs, digital culture references, life lessons – and Gummy Bear Slime! 

In honor of the all-new release of We Bare Bears: The Movie – Camp Warner Bros. is bringing you and us a fun sensory activity to do with our campers! Stack the bears up, squish them down – and make this adventurous slime that you can actually eat… But first, a quick synopsis of the film:

We Bare Bears: The Movie follows Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear’s love of food trucks and Internet fame, which leads the brothers to unexpected mayhem, where they must go on a wild, hilarious and dangerous adventure to escape a foe that threatens to tear them apart. Watch as Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear catch the attention of the Department of Wildlife Control, and go on a wacky adventure as their world turns upside down, and the Bears are left with no choice but to go on the run!

The movie was fun for us to watch and as with most animated films, they start off calm and quickly become chaotic which leads them on adventures where they tackle all emotions leading up to the finale! I don’t want to ruin it for any families out there who haven’t watched it, but if you’ve watched the show, which bear do you associate yourself with?
Now it’s activity time! Here’s a printable with all the instructions you need:
We had a blast making this and a quick tip is to only use a small handful of gummy bears! Don’t be like us and use almost half a bag only to realize that it’s SUPER sticky… Depending on the colors of your bears, you end up with different slime which Gabs found to be pretty neat. We got a coral-colored outcome and a light green as well!
Anywho, Have fun with this week’s craft and I’ll chat with you all next week for the next featured film at Camp Warner Bros!

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