Mickey & The Roadster Racers DVD Giveaway and Balloon Car Craft!

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Let’s get up and Join Mickey and His Pals in their Transforming Roadsters as They Race Around Hot Dog Hills AND Around the World in this Brand New Series, Mickey and The Roadster Racers! In honor of this series, we are giving away 2 copies of the DVD which includes a FREE Exclusive Create Your Own Personalized Metal License Plate! To make this debut a little fun, We’ve also decided to create our own (balloon) Roadster Racers and here’s how…

Supplies we need:
* Paper Bag (or cardboard cut out of a rectangle)
* Balloons
* Straw
* 2 Kabob Sticks
* Tape
* Round objects for the wheels
* Decorative cut-outs

1) First, Form the body. Do you want the front to be pointed or do you want to leave it as a square? I did both and found that the pointed one went better.

2) Tape the Sticks to the bottom of the bag and attach the wheels to each end of the sticks. I tried the rounder halves of an easter egg. Although it DID go, it kept turning in, so I found some regular toy car wheels and it worked.

3) Stick a straw into the balloon and Tape the end. I decided to place the balloon inside the bag and tape it to the inside so that the style our car stays the way we want.

4) Add your decorations with tape and RACE ON!

Completely different car outcomes, but my FAVORITE is the Minnie Roadster Racer we made!

Here’s a short Synopsis of the DVD we are giving away: 
“Welcome to Hot Dog Hills, where Mickey and his pals run the coolest garage on the planet. Join them for high-octane thrills as they power up their amazing, transforming cars for races through the town…and around the world! Then, team up with Minnie and Daisy, ‘cause when they’re not zooming to victory, they’re solving problems for anyone in need at their fabulous “Happy Helpers” headquarters. With friendly competition and fun new vehicles, Mickey and the Roadster Racers is a wild ride that’s turbo-charged with nonstop laughter and awesome adventures from start to finish!”

Our Giveaway will end on Monday, March 13th… Good Luck Roadster Racers!

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