Grab Your Family and Show You Care with this Upcycled Piggy Bank! #FamilyVolunteerDay #ad

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Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Family Volunteer Day. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Did you know that each and every family can make a difference and it won’t even take a lot of time? We can do something as simple as writing a thank you note to a member of the military or checking on an elderly neighbor to volunteering at a more traditional event arranged by a local charity, hospital or faith-based organization. No matter how big or how small, anything you do from the heart will fill a strangers’ heart with joy. Volunteering is a wonderful way for families to encourage children to be change makers in their communities and the world, while they learn valuable real life lessons about kindness, caring and compassion. We’re making changes by creating Upcycled Piggy Banks and here’s how…

Family Volunteer Day takes place on November 19th. It’s held annually on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and now in its 26th year, is a day of service that demonstrates and celebrates the power of families who volunteer together, supporting their neighbors and neighborhoods. Family Volunteer Day is powered by generationOn, the youth division of Points of Light, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteer service, and sponsored by The Walt Disney Company. <~ Magical ain’t it?

Any who, I decided to create upcycled piggy banks with Gabs to teach her how to help the environment and give to a cause that we care about, The Hearing Loss Association Of America. You might be wondering how a piggy bank helps save the environment… well, our environment has a limited amount of resources. For example, an estimated one third of the world’s total oil supply, which is used in the creation of products like gasoline, plastic, and even deodorant, has already been produced. The more we can reuse and repurpose things, the less resources we use, and that is better for the environment!


* A piggy is pink, so grab some pink paint, pink ribbon or pink paper to cover your soda bottle. We used a rinsed out Scent booster bottle since it had a pink spout.

* After you’ve covered your bottle, decorate as you wish. Since we are collecting for the HLAA, we are adding “ear molds” and Hearing aids to our piggy. It makes my kid feel like she’s doing a whole lot more.

* Use Pink paper to make ears and glue it on. Once that’s done, add a swirly tail!

* After you and your family are done decorating your piggy, use a sharp Knife or Scissor to create a slit on the back for your coins to enter. Add some feet if you want and you’re all done!

You can create multiple piggy banks in different animal shapes and hand them to different family members so they can all collect and make change. Not only are your instilling some different values in your children, but your are helping them become leaders. 

How are you and your family volunteering on #FamilyVolunteerDay?

0 thoughts on “Grab Your Family and Show You Care with this Upcycled Piggy Bank! #FamilyVolunteerDay #ad

  1. What a cute piggy bank. I volunteer for the Turkey Drive that we are having and hand out Turkey and trimmings to the needy. It makes me feel great when I help others.

  2. I love it! It's cutie and adorable piggy band! It's overwhelming knowing that there's so called day for volunteering! Great 🙂

  3. Those piggy pants are really cute. I'm not sure exactly what our family is doing this year for volunteering but we will definitely be doing something to help out. =)

  4. I had no idea there was a family volunteering day, it's great timing as I was just thinking about reaching out to my local friends/connections to see how we can help at the local senior center or veterans place.

  5. I absolutely love Family Volunteer Day – I wouldn't be here if it weren't for people who give, so it is of utmost importance to me. I have been a volunteer for various organization for over two decades now. It is a duty I am honored to partake in. PS Love the piggy bank!

  6. I did not know about Family Volunteer Day and that it takes place on November 19th – I used to organize large groups of volunteers and it was wonderful work – loved that piggy bank!!

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