You See, a Preschooler Planned my Exclusive 25th Birthday….

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Yep, That’s right. My 3.5 year old helped me decorate my birthday cake for my super “exclusive” 25th birthday party. Although the colors chosen were my favorites, the characters were all her doing. I had to do the Parental stuff like filling goodie bags and placing the heavy stuff on the table, but overall it was her planning.

My birthday was this past Sunday and I turned the big 25…. I can’t believe I’m 25! While others would’ve celebrated this milestone with a bang, I decided to stay home and bing watch my favorite shows. It is a tradition that our mom bake us a cake every year on our birthday and she knows my favorite filling is pineapple.

She asks what color and of course the little one screams out her favorite. “PURPLE!” Now the cake is covered in white with purple piping. What’s left is to throw the sprinkles. (Gabby’s Favorite Part.)

She chooses pink because pink and purple are her calling, I chose Gold because it’s mine. After some sprinkling, it was time to add some Decor. Due to it being a preschooler decorating, it was time to plan out how we were going to use her little charmers cupcake rings without using any cupcakes. She remembered that parties had goody bags so we made some and used the rings as closures.

I placed beautiful white Cake Stand upside down and put the small cake on top. Had to make sure it was centered or else Gabby’s moving around would’ve dropped it. Added some purple shiny fabric to the bottom (or top?) of the upside down cake stand and had gabby help place the goody bags on it. Made the set-up look a bit cleaner.

After all was done, she sang me happy birthday! Who knew my preschooler would help me have the best 25th Birthday “Party” ever?

Who Else’s child likes to help them do things and turns it into their own visions instead of yours?

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  1. One of the funniest parts of being a parent I think is having my children help me. I love letting them help in the kitchen especially. Although the cleaning up after is usually not my favorite! LOL

  2. Happy Belated! My oldest son turned 18 this past Saturday! This is SO cute I love. We are BIG fans of Little Charmers here. How fun. Hmm my 41st (EEEK! LOL) is next mth maybe I'll have my 3 yr old help me with my cake.. although she would probably put her hand into the cake before finishing it Ha

  3. I love this! So sweet that you had her help you plan, it'll be a party you'll never forget! And it's that much more special that she put her own spin on it. Happy birthday!

  4. Everything looks so cute!! My kids have just gotten old enough where they want to help me plan their parties! I love it! I like that they can put their own creative spin on it!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday!!! That is such a sweet gesture. Glad our daughter likes to engage. My son loves taking the lead for party decorations and planning too. It's so much fun to listen to their ideas and sometimes execute them.

  6. I love the colors and the cake, and I think the goodie bags turned out great! Even as an adult, when goodie bags are given out, I just love them!

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