Nursery Designs with the Simplistic VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

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Disclosure: We were invited to this event as media. Attendees received a Gift Bag for attending. #VTechNursery

I’ve always been a fan of VTech. When MomTrends invited me to come and learn about one of VTech’s newest electronic baby products, I was surely intrigued. I can tell you that this event was a real Hoot! The Owl themed decor went lovely with the product we were about to learn more about. Allow me to fill you in on all the wonders of the New Safe & Sound VM344 Baby Monitor and its ADORABLE Owl shape!

I was in for a fun filled morning/afternoon with Momtrends, Vtech, and fellow influencers as we entered the Ludlow Studios. The Place was beautifully decorated and each placement had our names on a place card and a cute Owl Mug with a Peek-a-boo Owl inside. Aside from that, we were split into 3 different teams where we would have a fun Nursery designing competition. Each Nursery had to feature the VTech Safe & Sound Owl VM344 Baby Monitor.

Some features of the VM344 are:
* Pan & Tilt Camera
* Digital Transmission to reduce Eavesdropping
* Automatic Night Vision
* Full Color, High Resolution 4.3″ LCD Screen Monitor
* 1000 Foot Range
* Can connect up to 4 Cameras
* Talk-Back intercom so your baby can hear you (I plugged ours in here at home and my daughter thought she had acquired an owl shaped Cellphone!)
* Much much More!

The 3 themed Nursery Designs we all came up with were all beautiful and made for different styles of homes. Team 1 created a Modern Girl themed Nursery and mounted the Owl Monitor in a corner to get full views of the room. Team 2 (Ours) created a Neutral Woodland themed nursery that’s suitable for any woodland lover. Our hit furniture piece was the crate shelf with the VM344 at the top of it all. Team 3 also created a girl theme, but compacted the furniture close together to give us the visualization of what a Baby’s Nursery would look like in a small NYC apartment! After a little while, winners were announced…

And the Winners were US! Team 2 got to claim the title on this one and win a gift card to our favorite shop, Target. Not only can we head there to buy groceries and home items, but this little Owl Monitor is exclusively sold there!

To be honest, your Nursery will just not be complete without a VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor. Head over to Target or Amazon to buy it now!

0 thoughts on “Nursery Designs with the Simplistic VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

  1. I love that that monitor doesn't look like a standard monitor but rather a piece of art! What a great way to watch over baby without looking like it! Vtech is a great manufacturer!

  2. We never had a video monitor for my first son and it was a struggle to figure out why he was crying and if he was okay during the night. We wised up and got a video monitor with our second child and life got so much easier!

  3. So cool to see technology come this far! When my kids were younger all we had was a baby monitor, now they have video camera monitors! VTech is definitely the brand to go to.

  4. I wish they had something like this when my kids were babies, it would have been a perfect edition to their nursery. It's so cute and so helpful for moms like me.

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