(VIDEO) Belle Inspired Costume and Hairstyle for Girls : Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray™! #DisneyStyle

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Be Our guest! Those 3 words together will always make a true fan sing. I LOVED watching Beauty and the Beast as I was growing up even though I was somewhat petrified of that terrifying Beast. It’s a Tale as old as time and with the Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary edition Blu-Ray™ of the movie hitting stores on Sept. 20th! Why stop there? I’m also giving you a fun Belle Inspired costume and Belle Inspired Hairstyle idea for your little Beauty all under $25!

We were provided with a $20 Giftcard and challenged to create a fun Belle Inspired look for kids in honor of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition film. I decided to make this an under $25 challenge since I know we all want to have our little one’s looking their best in their princess attire, but not have to give up an arm and a leg to do so!

Gabby’s Belle Inspired look is very simple to do and only cost me $19.98. (Full cost break down in video). For our Belle Inspired Hairstyle, I specifically focused on curly hair. My daughter has short curly hair so I wanted to find something preschool appropriate  to do with her hair that’ll keep her in her innocence.

The full and quick tutorial is in the video below…

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0 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Belle Inspired Costume and Hairstyle for Girls : Beauty and the Beast 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray™! #DisneyStyle

  1. I love the scene where he gives her the library and then it goes into the scenes outside with the birds and then the snow fight. So many great things in this movie. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. She looks adorable! That dress and her hair makes me wish I had a little girl that I could do this also too. She looks like she was in love with what she was wearing.

  3. Well of course it's the singing of "Be Our Guest be Our Guest" because my girls and I have a blast singing together! OH and that hairstyle is so cute on your little girl I have to give it a try on my girls!

  4. Love the hairstyle! Beauty and the beast is definitely one of my favourites and I love it just as much now as I did when I first watched it over 20 years ago

  5. Beauty of the Best has always been my favorite Disney movie. The music, the storyline…I just love it all. What a wonderful giveaway to spread the Disney magic!

  6. i had the pleasure of attending the screening of movie at lincoln center over the weekend and hear Mrs Potts herself Angela Lansbury sing the iconic song. I have to say the movie holds up 25 years later. I love all the ideas you have showcased to celebrate the movie

  7. Ahh! Beauty And The Beast was my all time favorite movie growing up! I just bought it for my kids and they like it a lot too. I thought I missed the boat with boys, but nope!

  8. Awe she looks so adorable. My Daughter and I loved watching Beauty and the Beast together when she was little. I can not believe it came out 25 years ago.

  9. This is such a cute costume and she looks precious. I need to get this movie to watch with my daughter – and I'm sure she would love the costume too.

  10. So hard to choose on scene that I love when the whole movie is my favorite but probably the epic tale as old as time scene when Belle and The beast dance to the song.

  11. I love this movie! The part of the song about the grey stuff being delicious is my favorite. We ate it at Belle's castle this summer, and it was a very magical experience!

  12. I absolutely love the song Be Our Guest! I love when the sing it and all the dishes are singing and dancing. It has been my favorite part since I was a child!
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    Ashley C

  13. My favorite part of the movie is the scene where they sing "Be Our Guest". I also like the parts with Mrs. Potts voiced by Angela Lansbury.

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