We Love The 90s: DIY Dizzy Grizzlies!

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I searched the internet for hours trying to find a recipe of my favorite 90’s snack called Dizzy Grizzlies. These snacks were Cinnamon Teddy Grahams with vanilla or chocolate frosting on the back and dipped in sprinkles. My mouth waters whenever I mention it. This was a snack that was super popular back when no one cared about how much sugar was in your kids’ sweets. Now here’s a remake of the super awesome Teddy Grahams snack from way back when…

I can’t believe how many people actually don’t know what Dizzy Grizzlies were! Here’s a commercial from 1996 to refresh your memory:

I always kept a box nearby:

It was surely my favorite snack and I can’t stop thinking of them. I thought “Why not create my own easy version?” All you’ll need is:

* Cinnamon Graham cookies
* Vanilla OR Chocolate frosting
* Nonpareils Sprinkles

1) Grab your cookies and spread frosting on the back in a thin layer.
2) Press the cookie (Frosting side down) into the Nonpareils and let rest (Sprinkle Side Up)
3) Eat it up!

I promise you that these taste so much like the real thing. Even my daughter can’t keep her hands off of them.

Do You Remember Dizzy Grizzlies?

Which was you favorite 90s or 80s Snack?

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  1. After seeing the commercial I remember the Dizzy Grizzlies. I love the photo of you too. This is a great recipe to do with my niece's kids. I know they will loves these and we will have fun making them. Thanks for sharing the video and the recipe.

  2. I don't remember them at all but those do look like a fun snack to make. I used to love Teddy Grahams as a kid. My kids would think these are funny πŸ™‚

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