Bubbleezz™ is Back… Let’s Party!

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I think it’s safe to say that anything Squishy is all the rage right now. Squishies are perfect for fidgety people and provide sensory stimulation for all. When #Tryazon sends you enough #MyBubbleezz to host a cute PJ Playdate, you grab some kids and get the party started!

ORB is recognized as the fastest growing toy and activities company in North America; their innovation in tactile toy design has translated into many amazing brands, all with the goal to create moments of awe and wonder and exceptional play experiences. ORB @MyBubbleezz are cute collectible characters that live and play in a parallel Bubbleverse! ORB Bubbleezz have hidden power charms – squeeze and transform your Bubbleezz character to reveal their inner powers and unique personalities.

We were lucky enough to be chosen by Tryazon to host an ORBS Bubbleezz Party and It was a blast! There were a handful of assorted character squishies for the kids to choose their favorites. Each one had a unique and interesting texture for the kids to experience. Within the inside Orbs were a few charms that I would guess are part of each character.

These are not promoted as indestructible, so make sure you are supervising the playtime or are giving these to children aged 6.5 and up. It did have a high resistance to the squeezes and throws that the kiddos were giving them.

My absolute favorite character of the bunch was the cute Kitty Unicorn! It’s super big and has an excellent squish factor. The other characters were a Cupcake person, Monster, Flower, and an Orange. Each with its own extra level of squishy fun.

Overall, We are obsessed with My Bubbleezz! It’s like having the benefit of a sensory bin, but without the mess and clean-up! Learn more about the ORB family of toys and products here at the ORB website. Interested in learning how to host your own sampling parties? Head over to the Tryazon website

Which Orbs Bubbleezz is your favorite?

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