Live-Action Aladdin Didn’t Fill Any Shoes… They Broke In A Whole New Pair! **No Spoiler Review**

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I’ve always been a die hard Aladdin fan! From the moment I saw the original cartoon film, I was trapped in enchantment with their music, lively colors, comedy, and gorgeous landscapes. They fun only continued through the playing of Aladdin on my Super Nintendo. When I received an email asking me to screen the brand new Live Action Aladdin, I was ecstatic and afraid. Afraid of how someone else could fill the shoes of the Characters we know and love…

I’m happy to report that no one filled any previous shoes, but instead broke out a brand new pair! From Jasmine to Aladdin and the Sultan to Genie, every one was amazing. 

Just like the Beauty and the Beast Live Action Remake, people expect the film to be an exact replica of the original cartoon. It’s as close as it can be to the original, with an ode to those of us who are now grownups with modern day music, cool beats, fun dance numbers, and funny relatable comedy!

I did bring my Daughter to the screening and I’ll admit that I thought she was bored. Only because there were a small amount of parts that were a little slower than its cartoon counterpart. I think a great age for this movie is 6 1/2 and up. When the children are closer to 7, they will understand the plots a little better and will happily await to see what happens next. 

Another thing to lookout for are the different versions of Jasmine’s new song, Speechless. Naomi Scott (who plays Jasmine) will not be silenced with this one. I felt that song in my heart and it worked out perfectly within the scenes. This movie has become another live action favorite for me.

I strongly suggest you go and see the movie. Even if you are unsure whether you would like it or not because all you know is the original. My Daughter and I sported matching tees for the screening and can’t wait to own it on Digital HD.

Is there a character that you are most excited to see? Who?

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