Arcade Fun At Home with ProjeX™ Plus a Giveaway

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Like many of you, we’ve been stuck at home for 50+ days. Every place that is designed to provide fun and entertainment for the family is closed! What is there to do when you want to have arcade-style fun at home? You grab this awesome Projecting Game Arcade called ProjeX

ProjeX is interactive fun for the entire family which turns any wall into a gaming arcade. There’s no need for a TV screen so you can actually take this game anywhere you want (as soon as they open up the streets again!) The rules are simple… Just Install 3 AA batteries, point ProjeX at the blank wall, and aim.

ProjeX has 5 different built-in games to test your speed and skills. With 3 skill levels – beginner, advanced, and expert – anyone can play and compete. The “beginner” setting was actually simple enough to accommodate even my 7 yr old.

There are 3 interchangeable image slides included in each ProjeX projecting gaming arcade. We had lots of fun blasting ducks, targets, and UFOs – each with its own unique sound effects! I do love that the slides are different colors for different levels of difficulties making it easily distinguishable. Blue (targets) = easy , Red (UFOs) = medium, White (ducks) = difficult.

If it were up to my kid, she’d be in her room playing this game for hours and I wouldn’t even mind. It’s surely a nostalgic feeling to play this arcade similar to the games I loved playing on the TV screens when I was younger. This is truly a game that I’d recommend to my friends to keep entertained during these crazy times. 

Currently retails for $49.99 at Target, Walmart and
(U.S.) and $69.99 at Toys R Us (Canada)


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