Halloween DIY: Thrift Store Slappy The Dummy Costume! #GooseBumpsMovie2

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We created this post in collaboration with Sony Animations. All opinions are our own!

Thrift Store shopping is my new found excitement. There’s something about finding a gorgeous piece to match your daily life in sometimes NEW condition. For many people, the idea of shopping for someone else “trash” gives them the ultimate Goosebumps and that gave me an idea… Why not create a costume using some Thrift Store finds? In Honor of the film that is coming out THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 12th, why not recreate a more feminine version of Slappy The Dummy?

Here’s what you need:
* Black Tutu (or Black tutu leotard if available)
* Black Blazer
* White button-down collared shirt
* Red Bow Tie
* Black, Red, and White, face makeup

My daughter is in numerous dance classes so we luckily had a few tutu leotards available to use. Our Thrift Store Finds were the black blazer, white button-down shirt, and red bow tie which were literally the PERFECT pieces for this activity. Without the tutu/leotard, my budget spent was about $12.49 and that was perfect!

Though I thought I had photos of the steps for the face paint, I realize they actually didn’t take, but I promise you that the walkthrough is super simple and I’ve gone ahead and sketched each step. Make sure that you or your child are already wearing the costume before painting the face so that you don’t get any on the outfit.

Step 1: Start at the Eyebrows. Slappy always has full, raised eyebrows. You can color in your own eyebrows and then add a point at the top where your eyebrows start to curve back down like this…

Step 2: Eyes. I’d say to color the eyelids white, but it’s pointless since eyes would almost always be open. Instead, you paint the lower area of your eyes white. Under the white, you then pass a thick black line using a q-tip and then proceed to make thick random eyelashes like the picture below…

Step 3: Freckles. Slappy has really cute freckles and it’s literally the easiest part of the makeup tutorial. it should look like this…

Step 4: The Dummy mouth. This part is crucial to the whole creepiness of Slappy. You start off with white makeup on the bottom lip and chin. Then you put red lipstick or makeup on the top lip and under the white of the chin. Lastly, grab the black and put in lines to show the “teeth” on top of the white. Fill in the empty space in between the lip and chin with black.

And voila! You’ve now created the Dummy Illusion with an open mouth!

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