Announcing NMB Playdate: EPIC Hatchimals Extravaganza with Motts and More #NMBxHatchimalsBTS

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Playdates are the norm for many kids. It’s a date where they get to hang with their little friends while mom or dad have some adult interactions and don’t completely lose their minds. We’ve started hosting epic mini playdates with some of our closest blogger buddies to give the kids some more fun to look forward to when there isn’t anything else going on. Let me introduce our 1st and latest of our Monthly Blogger Kid Playdates: The Hatchimals Back To School Summer Bash!

We had so many amazing sponsors who helped make this play date a true success. From school supplies to drinks, to cupcakes, to toys, to gift bags, to giveaways. Everything came together according to my plan.

We decided to host our first play date near The Great Lawn in Central Park. It was a warm day so we needed some water and something sweet enough to have the kids love it while not hopping them up on too much sugar… That’s where Motts Sensibles comes into play! Mott’s Sensibles™ is made with 100% juice and 30% less sugar so our families can enjoy a juice that’s sensible with less of the sugar stress! Mott’s uses 100% apple juice, coconut water and a splash of vegetable juice, but the kids would never know!

After laying out the juices and Hatchimals decor that I DIY-ed using paper lanterns and photo printouts (how easy is that?), it was time to gather up the kiddos for the delicious cupcake decorating! It was SO hot, so the frosting did start to melt, but not before the kids had a messy good time! Thanks to @JCDominicanCakes , The children got to tackle their sweet tooth with these Dominican Cupcakes and Supiro (Dominican frosting). Once they were done, the kids got to swing on the nearby swingset and run around the field to burn off that energy.

Us parents got to mingle for a while before the kids got a little restless which meant only one thing… It was time for the BIG Unboxing of the Hatchimals Mystery Eggs!

For the first time in Hatchimals history, the kids would literally hatch a total mystery! Inside one egg were one of four possibilities: They could either hatch a super fluffy Bunwee, Pandor, Hedgyhen or Elefly, but they couldn’t tell by the specks on the eggs like before! With soft fur, ears, and tails, these mysterious new friends love cuddles and snuggles. Our guests could raise their Hatchimals Mystery from baby to toddler to kid and experience all new music and games included with their pets! They could even teach their Hatchimals Mystery how to say their name and they’d remember!

To finally find out who’s inside, the kids were supposed to hold and play with their colorful speckled egg and the more they played, the more their Hatchimal would respond! BUT… Only 3 of ALL the children waited patiently. All the other kids were super excited to see who was inside and hatched these mystery eggs as if they were Hatchimals Colleggtibles! It was so funny and their reactions were priceless. Soon after all eggs were hatched, the kids were playing with their new pets and having so much fun.

As we started to end this Epic Playdate, I handed out the gorgeous glittery and Mermaid Sequin backpacks (courtesy of Fashion Angels) to all the girls and some really awesome hiker style backpacks (Thanks to Amazon’s great deals) to all the boys. Inside the girls’ backpacks were some super fun color pencils, magic sequin notebooks and pencil totes, and magic water pens from Fashion Angels. 

They also received Master Lock’s newest big number dial combination lock to help keep those locks from being clipped, Watchitude watches to match their every style, some Hatchimals Colleggtibles to hatch at home, and Mabel’s Labels packs so that their school supplies and sweaters could actually make it back home! Inside the boys’ bags were color pencils from Fashion Angels, Master Locks, Watchitude watches, more Hatchimals Colleggtibles, and of course, Mabel’s Labels because boys lose lots of stuff too!

We finally hosted a few giveaways courtesy of Lysol, Hydroflask, Jakks Pacific, Amazon Deals, and even more Hatchimals! 

Overall, I believe this playdate was a big hit! The kids left super excited and the moms were super happy too.  Be sure to check back next month to see what Playdate will be unfolding then! As of right now, all playdates are for Blogger / Model / Social Influencer kids. I plan to host separate public ones too so look out!

Disclaimer: The aforementioned sponsors provided samples, monetary compensations or more in order to help plan this Playdate. All fun had was 1000% real!

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