Fun New Disney Content for Kids on Google Home!

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School is officially back in session, which means our schedules will be full of playdates, lessons, and practices. Luckily, Google has new games coming to Google Home on Monday for when your family would like to unwind for some family fun time (or a homework break).

Today, Google launched new Disney games on Google Home, so that you and your child can go on a virtual adventure with your favorite Disney characters! To get started, just say, “Hey Google”:

  • Play Maui’s Music Game: Help Maui find Moana and navigate an undersea world. Defeat the monsters and get rewarded with magical conch shells that play music from Moana and Maui’s adventure. 
  • Play Toy Story Freeze Dance: Become one of Andy’s new toys and follow Jessie’s dance moves. 
  • Play Disney Princess: A princess—you can choose from Belle, Ariel, Tiana, Jasmine and Cinderella—will tell you a story or take you on an adventure.

And no worries, you can always choose from your favorites that are still currently available, such as Mickey Mouse Adventure, Belle’s Castle Adventure and Cars Adventure. You can also test your knowledge of The Force with Star Wars Trivia. If you’d like to give your kids access to the Assistant on Google Home, you can create an account for kids under 13 through Family Link, and then link their Google Account and voice to Google Home.

There are a few Google Home promos running on the Google Store!

  • Buy 2 Google Home Minis and save $20 
  • Buy Google Home and Google Home Mini, and save $25 
  • Buy Google Home Max and Google Home Mini, and save $30

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