This is My Latest Music Playlist Obsession for March

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I have so many Travel-related posts to complete, but I thought it would be fun to tell you guys what my latest musical obsession is for the month of March. These are songs you may all know if you’ve watched the latest movies and a few you may not due to the language of it, but I’m obsessed so here goes…


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

Mainly due to my complete obsession with the film and the fact that I really love Movie Musicals. I only downloaded 8 of the 11 songs because these were the main ones I would repeatedly sing along to and continue after the movie was over. The Songs are:

  • The Other Side
  • From Now On
  • Come Alive
  • A Million Dreams
  • The Greatest Show
  • Rewrite the Stars (OBSESSED)
  • This Is Me
  • Tightrope

Latin Music

I’m a Latina and I love my Spanish musica, but I realize I don’t usually download them because my Spanish Pandora stations are always lit. However, These songs NEEDED to be on my playlist due to how awesome they are to me and my new found obsession with Ozuna.

  • El Farsante (Remix) – Ozuna Ft. Romeo Santos
  • La Modelo – Ozuna Ft. Cardi B

Animated Movie Songs

I have a 5-year-old so it’s a bit inevitable to have a few cartoon songs in my music, but these 3 songs are a MUST.

  • Reflection (Mulan)
  • I’m Still Standing (SING)
  • Remember Me (COCO)

Random Catchiness

My final 3 songs are just a few I fell in love with and can’t get tired of hearing. It’s stuck in my mind like a home phone number and I know it’ll be on my playlist for much longer than it should be…

  • Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars Ft. Cardi B
  • Unforgettable – French Montana Ft. Swae Lee
  • Earned It – The Weeknd

That’s it, guys. These are my current musical obsessions and as new songs and movies come out, I’m sure I’ll have new found obsessions. In the meantime, check out these songs or their videos and let me know what your current musical obsession is!

0 thoughts on “This is My Latest Music Playlist Obsession for March

  1. You have some great music obsessions this month! I am loving the whole SING soundtrack, the baby loves it too! It's so cute. Plus, I've heard great things about The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

  2. I've been asking Google home to play Disney Movie Sing-alongs and there has been a lot of music from Moana on it. Which is great, because my older son really enjoyed that movie.

  3. Ok. Have to say that I loved loved loved both Sing, and Coco. And the music was amazing in both of those. I haven't seen The Greatest Showman yet though, I can't wait. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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