Name Bubbles: Inexpensive Gift Idea for 2023 Graduates

Graduate Cap and Gown with Customized Name Bubble Labels

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Are you looking for a fun and inexpensive gift idea for the 2023 graduates in your life? The Graduating Class of 2023 is almost walking across the stage. With graduation parties, get-togethers, and other celebrations happening, you may find yourself needing a few inexpensive gift ideas. Look no further than Name Bubbles! I’m here to tell you that Name Bubbles are a great inexpensive gift option for your 2023 graduates! They are functional, customizable, durable and affordable! Let me give you A Curly Perspective on it…

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Name Bubbles Provides Functionality

These labels provide incredible functionality. It allows you and your graduate to keep track of all of their belongings. I can not tell you how many times my child misplaced something in school, a social gathering, or in camp. We spend lots of cash on these things so it obviously hurts when it goes missing. Name Bubbles will surely help! Your child will have a water bottle that many others might also have. If seven people lost the same bottle, the probability of getting your OWN item back is close to none. That issue has a solution and it is Name Bubbles!

Best Inexpensive Gift Idea for 2023 Graduates Goes to Name Bubbles!

These labels are a life saver. Whether your graduate is going to summer camp or they are traveling to mark their academic accomplishments! These inexpensive Name Bubbles are perfect for backpacks, suitcases, duffle bags, lunch boxes, water bottles and so much more.

Customization For A Personal Touch

Personalization is a huge plus when it comes to gifting. Name Bubbles can be fully customized with my graduate’s name and one of plenty available designs. My graduate’s preferences change frequently throughout the year, so it’s pretty awesome that Name Bubbles creates products that appeal to a diverse range of audiences. Each design contains different fonts, as well as color schemes to truly make it their own. They’ve got you covered with larger labels too! That makes it simple to include a message and phone number, ensuring your labeled items are returned to you. Name Bubbles customizations are a great way to show your graduate that someone truly cares and took the time out to add that personal touch.

The Name Bubbles Durability

These labels are strong and long lasting because they’re made with top notch materials that have been tried and tested. These labels withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, particularly the wear and tear that occurs during camp time. Did I mention that they are water-resistant?! It’s my favorite feature! I know they are water resistant from experience as one of our labels had made its way into the wash and stuck on. I did not bother to remove it out of pure laziness, honestly. However, it ran through quite a few washes before I actually removed it because I needed it. If that isn’t durability, I don’t know what is.


In regards to affordability, Name bubbles are truly a great value for the price. Think of it as a small investment that makes a difference in you and your graduate’s lives. Aside from being a wonderful gift for graduation, there will probably be enough leftover from their summer use that they will be able to use them for Back to school to help keep track of their belongings at school and in the dorms.

Furthermore, Name Bubbles are our top pick when we need an inexpensive gift idea in this 2023 Graduate season. So why not give the gift of organization and personalization this graduation season with Name Bubbles? Your adventurous graduate is sure to appreciate it!

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