New Blog. New Name. Let Me Re-Introduce Myself!

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There comes a time when change is inevitable and rebranding this blog is a must. It’s time for us to grow from the blog you’ve known as New Mommy Bliss for over a decade. From now on, we will be known under a new mane, A Curly Perspective!

Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

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Thanks to everyone who’s been with us on this writing journey. Let me re-introduce myself, incase you forgot and for those who are new here… Hi. I’m Shirley. I’m a mom and always on the lookout for new adventures and experiences to share with my daughter. Speaking of my darling child… Her name is Gabs and she’s 10 years wiser than when we first started this blogging journey. I may refer to her as my little super Hear-O sometimes and that’s due to her wearing hearing aids.

I chose to point that out (with her permission) because I’ve always worked hard to make sure my daughter knows how to advocate for herself, if ever I’m not present. I’ve also made it my business to teach her to love everything about herself. From her curls and ears to the rest of her, she’s proud of who she is.

Reasons We Are Rebranding

Let’s get back on topic. Just because we’re rebranding doesn’t mean that you won’t get the posts that you’ve always looked forward to. Times have changed a lot, so our focuses have adapted to our current way of life. The little chubby baby that inspired me to create New Mommy Bliss, is now a super spunky 10 year old, whom has very specific opinions about EVERYTHING.

A Curly Perspective is really just that! It’s a review, event coverage, relatable story, parenting or travel tip from the perspective of two curly haired ladies . Aside from the above mentioned topics, you’ll also get Party planning , crafts, tutorials, recipes and so much more. The stories are different, the opinions are still all ours and truthful. We hope you can find something to relate to, enjoy and get excited about! We have a few things in store for the future of this blog, so make sure to stay tuned. If you’d like to contact us for collaborative ideas or have any questions please feel free to use our Contact Form.

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