Schleich Farm World Makes It Under The Tree!

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Schleich makes it into the Holiday wishlists once again! This time with the awesome new Farm World Tractor with trailer Playset, Hay conveyor with farmer Playset, and Assorted Farm World Animals. Here’s how these Schleich Toys encourage imaginative, creative, and even educational play for the holiday…

This isn’t our first Schleich playset and it most certainly won’t be our last. I do want to start off by refreshing your memory about who this company is. Founded over 80 years ago, Schleich is one of Germany’s largest toy manufacturers and a leading international provider of realistic and hand-painted playsets and toy figurines. The design of the Schleich figurines and play worlds sets, the manufacturing of the production tools and all quality and safety checks are carried out in Germany. Have you ever truly looked into the eyes of one of their animal figurines? They are INCREDIBLY lifelike and even the most critical critic finds joy and happiness in getting their hands on Schleich.

From the moment my almost 5-year-old touches the toys, she quickly disappears into another world. A world where she controls the whole entire farm and the animals can leap insanely high just to get from the ground to the top of the tractor. At this age, my daughter loves to ask questions so it’s no surprise that I need to have my favorite search engine nearby to give me the answers I need. 

“What animal is this? What does this do? Why does this come off? Who eats this? What is this for?” Schleich products always turn the gears in her brain to really get her to come up with different ideas and different ways to play. 

The famous Schleich figurines are sold in more than 50 countries and are loved by children around the world (including my own). The Farm World playsets that we received included the Tractor with trailer and Hay conveyor with the farmer, which my daughter could enjoy individually or together with all other Farm World items. The Assorted Farm World Animals contains five farm animals: a Fleckvieh calf (had never heard of that til now), a cat, a border collie, a goose and a Mustang foal. These animals are actually the ideal size for stocking stuffers.

What are you waiting for? Head out and grab these before it’s sold out!

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