Embracing Fearless Beauty with Gap Kids! #GapXDisney #FearlessBeauty

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It’s been a week full of Tales as Old as Time so It’s only right that I share the beauty of the gorgeous FEARLESS BEAUTY collaboration that Gap has with Disney. To really keep you feeling inspired, I decided to head out to the Library since it happens to be a place my daughter loves (and Belle loves books, right?) Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live action film hits theaters on March 17th and due to our advanced screening opportunity I can tell you that it was AWESOME!

Anywho, let me start off by explaining a bit about the “Fearless Beauty” campaign. It features a cast of motivational girls such as April Star, a 10-year-old girl with vitiligo. Vitiligo is a condition that leaves her with patches of white discoloration all over her body that she powerfully displays in gorgeous images. The cast of motivational girls also includes the Tiny Terrors (cute name right?) , a roller derby team of skater girls aged 8 to 10 in the Gotham Girls Junior League of New York City! These Fearless Beauties are currently ranked number one in the world by the Women’s Flat Truck Derby Association, roller derby’s largest governing body. 

I believe my daughter is a Fearless Beauty all on her own. She’s always been Fearless so being a part of this campaign was a must. Each and every day, I inform her that the Hearing Aids she needs to wear is just a superpower and she is believing it. She continues to thrive and be as Courageous, Bold and Strong as the beautiful, Belle! 

GAP has an ongoing collaboration with Disney and it’s always the cutest stuff I had ever seen! They’ve launched their new Beauty and the Beast collection, inspired by both the original Disney animated classic and the new Beauty and the Beast live action film coming to theaters THIS FRIDAY. Their collection features an assortment of clothing for children which will be available through the week of April 3rd. 

The collection (which is made exclusively for girls) includes dresses, leggings, tops, denim jeans/jackets with references to the film, including rose embroidery, graphics of the iconic profile of Belle and the Beast, Belle’s books, the Enchanted Rose as well as “Belle” and “Bonjour” text on t-shirts and also highlights Mrs. Potts and Chip on t-shirts, dresses, skirts, and denim. With just 4 Pieces from the Fearless Beauty Collab, we were able to create 4 Different Outfit. Create your own or allow your child to create their own Fearless Beauty wardrobe with the Vast Selections from the line.

Who’s Your Fearless Beauty?

Disclaimer: We were sent fashions directly from The Gap in exchange for our own fashionably creative opinions. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. She is totally rocking those outfits and showing what a fearless beauty she is. We can't wait to see Beauty and the Beast. We missed the screener but will be going to see it opening weekend.

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