Cute and Easy Sugar Skull Face Painting with SNAZAROO! #CraftyMommyMondays

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Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Snazaroo. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Halloween is quickly approaching and the costumes are bought. What’s left is the face that we’ll be painting on our little sweet hearts. From silly animal masks to full on transformations, there’s only one brand I trust to keep my MiniBoo’s face safe under all the colors and that’s SNAZAROO.  Allow me to give you an Easy Sugar Skull face painting idea and tell you all about Snazaroo.

Snazaroo is the maker of face paint, kits and accessories for kids, making it easy for parents and caregivers to “Paint a Smile” this Halloween. They make paraben and fragrance free products that are suitable for sensitive skin, non-toxic and washable! Fully compliant with US and EU toy and cosmetic regulations, Snazaroo will inspire any mom or dad with creative ideas and help us feel confident about executing them. Snazaroo has a wide range of colors, glitters and stencils that we can use to easily recreate a spooky look for Halloween, or a more fun look for birthday parties or playdates. Now for the…


1) Start off with Painting the child’s face completely white with a face sponge. Leave the area around the eyes without white color since you will color in the eye area with black or any other color of choice.

2) Use a small brush and black face paint to add the details of the nose, cheek bone, and touch up around the eyes.

3) Mix any dark colors with white to make the colors lighter or leave them as is to keep them bold. Make “flower petals” around the eyes to make them pop!

4) Use other colors to make floral line designs and more. Use white paint and small brush to add dots wherever you’d like. 

5) Add flower petals on the chin and Voila… We are done!

Keep in mind that Sugar Skulls face painting can be made using any combo of colors as long as you keep the “Skull face” present!, features terrific, step-by-step printable tutorials on a broad range of fun, Halloween looks kids will love, from aliens to zombies. It includes designs for popular animals, seasonal themes, princesses and fairies, pirates and heroes and of course, Halloween and horror. If you’re wondering about the clean-up, don’t fret! It only took 4 really moist wipes to wipe it off. I highly suggest you order your safe Snazaroo Face paint for kids before halloween or even parties happen!

Tell Us: What’s your kid going to be for Halloween?

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0 thoughts on “Cute and Easy Sugar Skull Face Painting with SNAZAROO! #CraftyMommyMondays

  1. This is so neat! What a fun and easy tutorial too! This is perfect for kids for Halloween – I can't wait to share this one around! Awesome, thanks for sharing! -Lynzy

  2. what a great product! It makes me nervous to put things on children's faces, but with this review I feel more confident about choosing snazaroo's!

  3. Wow that is super cute. We tried face paints last year for Halloween and I did a pretty cute tiger on my youngest son. I must admit, we need to get some more face painting gear – will look into this brand!

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