Meet the WellieWishers : A New Line of Beautifully Diverse Dolls From the American Girl Brand! #MTWellieWishers

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AHHHH! I’d like to start off by thanking the MomTrends team and the wonderful Ladies at the American Girl Store for putting together a wonderful event here in NYC. Not only did I get to step foot into an American Girl Location for the very first time, but we were sent home with our very first American Girl Dolls… The WellieWishers!

The historical and modern dolls that we all know and love are intended for ages 8 and up, the Bitty Baby dolls are meant for those under 5 years old. It was about time that the WellieWishers came about. The WellieWishers were created with little girls ages 5-7 in mind. These 5 dolls are perfect for the younger crowd who are really into “tougher” play and just aren’t ready for the bigger, more expensive American Girl Dolls. Each of the 5 friends love dressing up, putting on shows, stomping in mud puddles, and being good friends to everyone.

The second I stepped foot onto the 3rd floor of the American Girl store to view the WellieWishers dolls, I KNEW Kendall was the one for us! Kendall is the creative one who’s always drawing and inventing. You can “leave it to her to patch friendly mix-ups with smiles, patience, and a handmade card”. She is14.5″ tall, has deep-brown eyes and curly black hair in pigtails. Here’s a Side By Side picture of Gabby & Kendall…

Now here’s a picture of Gabby and Kendall in Matching outfits which include:

* An orange-and-white striped tee with a bold pink floral print bow
* A light-blue skirt with white polka dots, a floral border, and blue tulle peeking out at the hem
* A pink floral-print bow headband for Kendall to show off her curls
* Light-pink underwear
Bright-pink floral wellie boots for Kendall.

The other dolls in the Line are Ashlyn, Camille, Willa, and Emerson! I love each doll’s beautiful detailing and these dolls are made with the same high quality as the classic American Girl dolls, with similar hair, faces, and features while just being a tad bit smaller with a different body material.

To further engage our girls and bring the cute WellieWishers characters to life, American Girl is debuting a free WellieWishers app, where players can explore the interactive garden world through three mini games—Carrot Care, Mud Pie Maker, and Garden Harmony. Little girls will delight in the sweet, silly, and unexpected surprises that get unlocked the more they play. The free app is available through

The price point for the WellieWishers are $60 per doll and starting at $8 up to $250 for accessories and playsets! Affordable in my eyes compared to the modern classics. 

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  1. I haven't seen these yet! They look amazing! My daughter is definitely a fan of American Girl – we have a lot of the books from when I was a little girl.

  2. I was never a big American Girl fan until I saw these dolls. I had my my Mom get the Kendall doll for my daughter for Christmas and I can't wait for her to get it. They are all super cute.

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