How Traveling with My Toddler Became Easy, Thanks to the #GBPockit Stroller!

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This stroller review for the GB Pockit is quite possible the easiest review I ever had to write! All the features, colors available, and even the compact fold was enough to send my heart a flutter. I can almost shed tears of joy because for the first Time in a LONG time I actually found a stroller (aside from joggers) that my VERY tall 3 yr old did not reach the weight limit for! We live in New York City and public transportation is our Fortay. The GB Pockit has made our lives incredibly easy since my daughter still gets tired on long walks and I can easily pull this stroller out of my bag. Yes…. My BAG! Now let’s get in to the real details.

The GB Pockit is the most compact stroller in the world (according to the Guinness world records) which makes it super handy for traveling in the city and abroad when you’re juggling a ton of stuff and a kid, but is it truly worth the $249 price tag? I’ll let you decide…

Its folded dimensions are only 12″ x 14″ x 7″ and it weighs in at 9lbs! I’ve never experienced a stroller so light that could hold so much weight. It can hold a child up to 55lbs making it a great option for your bigger than average kids who are still young in age. It will easily fit into any overhead compartment of the plane or the trains (Amtrak, etc.) It can be taken as a carry-on on ANY airline because its folded size is much smaller than the maximum carry-on size. When I travel, my kid gets a mini suitcase and a backpack. I don’t mind checking in her suitcase and leaving her with the GB Pockit as her carry on and a little backpack as her personal bag.

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I will point out that since there is no recline, this stroller is not recommended for children who can not sit up on their own (at least 6 months).  If you’re worried about sleep, don’t Be! The seat is similar to a Hammock seat allowing comfort. My daughter has no problem catching shut eye while we are out. The canopy is very small and I think could be improved. Maybe make it look like the canopy on the GB Qbit?

If you are worried about storage in the stroller, the basket is Surprisingly a decent size and very easy to access. I was able to fit an 11.5″W X 14″ H Crocodile Creek backpack in it when I picked up my kid from daycare. Slightly folded or squished, but it works. When I need more space, I use a Hatch things Stroller bag attached to each side. It worked wonders for me in Atlantic City!

Overall, it’s a wonderful stroller and in the terms of “you get what you pay for”, I must say that it deems true. Although it is a bit pricey, you are paying for the compactness, light-weights, and overall functionality of an amazing travel stroller. To purchase the GB Pockit, you can head over to Amazon or the company’s site.

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  1. I wish they had a stroller like this when my girls were little. It seems like such a great idea especially when traveling in the city.

  2. I had wanted find out about this stroller and your review did it! I like it's light weight and holds up to 55lbs. It's easy to fold into a bag for on-the-go. Thanks for your information.

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