Making It Stick with Post-it Brand!

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2016 Post-it Brand

We were invited to this event as Media, All attendees received a Gift Bag. Opinions are Our own.

Last week, we were invited to attend a fun Post-it® Brand event to help unveil their 2016 productivity solutions for the classroom, home and office. I must say that the new stuff they have is amazing!! Who knew that the Post-it® Brand would be anything more than the ever so popular Post-it Notes? Here’s a list of my Top Picks from the event…

* Post-it® Pop-Up-Note Camera Dispenser

These dispensers are super adorable and dispense 3″ x 3″ notes. It comes in the above color, as well as Black and White. 

* Dry Erase Surface Sheets

These sheets offer a simple solution which allows you to add a whiteboard surface to any tables, doors, windows and walls. As a parent these sheets are pretty amazing for any table in which your child is coloring (preschool) or even doing homework (Gradeschool). Unlimited Scrap Paper for math homework anyone?
(Aside from sheets, these come in Dry Erase Surface Rolls too!)

* Weekly Planner

Reasonably priced from $10.99, the weekly planner is super easy to use. It’s the perfect addition to any home or office to keep up with what’s going on. What I love about this is that you can write on the planner and the plans fall through, you can just use one of the attached Post-it Notes to write your new plan and stick it in the old one’s spot! Perfect for Bloggers too.

* Post-it® Easel Pads

These sheets can stick in almost any place! They help you successfully plan, collaborate, and capture ideas. These Post-it Easel Pads feature a sturdy backcard with a handle for easy portability and universal slots to fit most easel stands. I think many schools would LOVE these much more than the commonly used spiral pads. Priced from $36.99; Sheets are 25″ x 30″.

* Post-it® Brand Printed and Specialty Notes

Whether you want to add a little personality and fun to your notes with cute shapes, add beauty & design to your desk with trendy metallic designs, or stay on top of what needs to get done… Post-it® Brand has you completely covered! In many colors too! Did you Know that you can use Post-it Notes to create paper flowers too?

Overall, Post-it Brand continues to impress me and there’s SO Many more products to highlight that don’t fit in this one little post! For additional information and helpful solutions, check out

Which of these New Post-it Products are your Favorite?
Let us know in the comments.

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  1. That pop up camera is too cool. I'm sure my daughter would really appreciate that. She's still in college so she uses post it's a LOT. So does the other kids but I think she'll appreciate it more. Who knew there was so many other products?

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