(VIDEO) Stride Rite Spring & Fall Line 2016! #StrideRite

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Stride Rite 2016

We were invited to this event as media and attendees received a gift bag. Opinions are 100% honest and our own.

Stride Rite is a Staple in our home when it comes to footwear. Time and time again, I have mentioned the amazing qualities of these MADE FOR KID shoes! Shaped like a real child’s foot. When I learned about the event I was excited to see what the Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 Lines had in store for us…

Let me start off with the Soft Motion line which are designed for baby’s first steps. They are Comfy, Cute, and Easy to put on. The great thing about these is that it will feel as if baby is walking Barefoot giving them more confidence to Go Go Go!

Next in the Spring line were the Phibian! Perfect shoes built for Land and Sea. They have an amazing Slip Resistant sole, are Quick Dry, Easy On, and part of the Made 2 Play collection. They come in a few colors and have the Spiderman character shoe for now with others on the way. In our gift bags were a voucher for shoes and my Daughter Chose the Purple Phibian. They are AMAZING! Can’t wait until sprinkler weather.

And Lastly, Stride Rite Leepz! The Leepz collection is a fun and funky shoe featuring a Gecko-Like sole. The sole of this athletic shoe lights up with each step and jump. Inspired by a new character of the brand, Leepz the frog, the sole has brightly-colored bumps around the outside of the sole mimicking the frog’s finger-tips. These shoes will be Launching early summer.

To Learn more, Check out the Video Below or head to www.StrideRite.com!

What do You think of these shoes? 
Tell us which one’s your favorite!

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