DIY | How to Turn a Plain Birthday Candle into a Themed One! #CCBG

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DIY Candle Craft

Ever wanted to Turn those cheap numbered candles into something themed? I have! It’s what I did when my daughter was turning 3 and I wanted her Doc McStuffins Birthday Party to be great! This How-To is SO easy, You’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t been doing it all these years. Here’s what you need…

The number candles can be found at any Party or Dollar store. They can Range from $1 – $2 depending on where you go, but one thing that seems to always be the same is the Red with Star design. I also didn’t want that number candle that is colored a certain color & FILLED with glitter. My only solution was to buy this generic #3 Design and dazzle it up to match my Doc McStuffins Party idea.

All I needed was: 
* Numbered Candle
* Puffy Paint
* Toothpick

(I Didn’t get a step by step picture because It’s literally 2 steps)

  1. Select your preferred color of Puffy Paint and shake upside down so that the bubbles will float to the back of the bottle and not ruin your “perfect line”.
  2. Start “drawing” over the candle to cover whichever line or design you don’t want to be seen. Let Dry completely & Repeat on the other side.
If you can still see the Underlying color, use a toothpick to smoothen it out before it dries. That way your OCD won’t kick in. 

Finished Candle =)
It Looked Great! My daughter actually couldn’t wait to play with the (unlit) candle after the party was done. But don’t forget You can make Character Candles Too! I made “Ariel” from The Little Mermaid out of Chocolate, but it works with Candle Designing too! 

Will you be Dazzling Up your candles from now on? 
Will You Try out Characters? 
What Candle Design have you done? 
Let Us Know in the Comments Below!

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