Pure Spoon is reeling in Kid and Adult Tastebuds Too! #PureSpoon2016 #Giveaway

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Pure Spoon

For those who don’t know, Pure Spoon is the Maker of 100% organic, cold pasteurized fruit and veggie purees. We were given the chance to be a part of Pure Spoon’s new campaign where they whipped up some adult flavor mixes that we could enjoy as much as our children. Read on for our thoughts and be sure to Enter below to win 18 Pure Spoon 4.2oz containers with “Kid & Adult friendly” flavors.

I love that the ingredients in each and every puree are fruits and/or veggies that are within each one. Aside from water, there is absolutely nothing else! No ingredients that you can’t pronounce. What separates the Pure Spoon Purees from the competitors is the fact that they use cool temperature,High-Pressure pasteurization (HPP). HPP means that each container keeps a higher nutritional value and more flavor than traditionally used high-heat pasteurization. 

I was sent The following flavors: Creamy Avocado and Pear, Carrots and Zucchini, Simply Apples, Simply Carrots, Blueberry, banana and apples, & Sweet Potato and apples. There are 11 flavors total in the product line and their prices range from $2.69 -$2.99. You can be certain to find them at Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Green Grocer, and MOM’s Organic Market within these current states: New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Louisiana and Virginia.

My favorite flavor to eat as-is were the Simply Apple flavors. No added sugars so it tastes exactly like the real fruits. Your baby, older kids, and even yourself are sure to love it. The Veggie purees are my favorite mix-ins for when I’m making my daughter soup and she’s one to let me know when she doesn’t like something. She ate the Soup (mixed with Simply Carrots) all up! 

Each and every fruit and vegetable used is certified organic and Gluten-free. Everything remains raw or are lightly steamed when going in to these containers. I highly recommend you give these a taste. I’m certain your family will love it.

* Giveaway Time *

One Lucky winner will receive 18 Pure Spoon 4.2oz containers with “Kid & Adult friendly” flavors. Giveaway Ends 4/17/16 at 11:59pm.

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