Toddler Adventures with See Kai Run Footwear

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See Kai Run Footwear

My kid is active. There is no doubt in my mind that as soon as she sees an open area she runs like a little Looney! Many Times I think about her little feet and wonder “Is she comfortable?” When Gabby is wearing any of her See Kai Run shoes, My mind is at ease knowing that the answer to my previous Question is YES!

We decided to choose 3 different See Kai Run Spring 2016 styles that would go perfect with the fun adventures that I’m sure my toddler would endure this Spring and upcoming Summer. Two pairs of See Kai Runners and one pair of Canvas Sneakers for Girls.


HARTFORD are See Kai Runners. You see fisherman sandals and all you can think of is your child running awkwardly with sandals, but that is not the case! These adorable Silver (& white polka dot) Fisherman Sandals come with two points of adjustability to make the shoe super comfortable for your kid. Whether their feet are long, short, chubby, or narrow, these shoes will be your go-to this summer. The Soft footbed is truly amazing. I’ve Actually Pushed down on it with my Hands and they felt like awesome sturdy pillows (if that makes any sense). Did I mention these are WASHABLE!


The Magnuson shoes are the 2nd pair of See Kai Runners we were sent. These are great for the days in preschool where they go on trips. They are completely washable which is always great when it comes to Kid footwear. These are lightweight, flexible trainers with mesh and Scuff-Resistant rand and toe. When I read that I was Very excited, but then my kid tripped over her own foot and the scuff was definitely there at the toes. My heart broke just a little, but it did hold up well to other normal trips and keep her toes well protected! Her right shoe still looks brand spanking new. It comes with a removable sock liner making it still a top choice in footwear for us! And Lastly…

NOEL – Blue/Dots

These are Canvas sneakers with a padded collar to keep my kid comfy. They also have the Scuff-resistant Toe cap which have been great considering she’s run through many playgrounds with them and all I have to do is wipe them clean.

Overall: I’m definitely a HUGE fan of See Kai Run! These are our first pairs of shoes from that brand, but We’ve always heard amazing things in regards to their shoes. I highly Suggest you take the time and look through their Styles. Whether you’re shopping for Crib Shoes, Big Kids, or in-Between! I’m sure their’s a style to match everyone’s taste.

Which Shoes are YOUR Favorite?

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