Imagination Meets Construction!

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Young Brix by Edushape

As I child, I remember playing with similar Young Brix® in Daycare/Preschool. Fast Forward to now and my daughter is enjoying the same construction toys I did thanks to edushape! It was so great to see the brand at Toy Fair and check out what new stuff they had for the 2016 year. Young Brix® Caught my eyes and I couldn’t wait to have it home for my 3 year old to play with…

As soon as it arrived, we tore into the package and started to play. Gabby was home sick that day so she definitely felt better quickly. Young Brix® are cute and fun little construction toys that are sized for small hands to encourage creative thinking. It’s seriously amazing that in my child’s mind (while using Young Brix® & her imagination) she has created Anna, Elsa, Robots, a Bed for her pony, a Car, a Computer, Chair, princess Belle, and so much more!

These big, chubby Brix® are safe, washable, and durable. Your child can snap them together on almost any of the toy’s edges giving them endless possibilities and endless hours of fun. I actually find myself pulling these Brix® out when my kid’s in school so that I can create something awesome to show her later on.

They come in a very convenient storage container with a handle for easy travel. There are 9 different shapes in different sizes within, such as Triangle, circle, trapeze, etc. I’d highly recommend Young Brix® for kids ages 18Mo+. If you’re interested in a set for your home, You can purchase it by clicking the first link image below! If Your kids are older than 3, then you can go for the MagicBrix.


What’s The most creative thing you’ve ever built with construction Toys?

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  1. These are great for building and when they are really little Great for Teething babies too!! They really hold up to the test of time.

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