We Tried the JCPenney Fashion Challenge!

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JCPenney is hosting a “Penney Day” BOGO promotion from April 13 to (TODAY) April 17, where customers can purchase one item from select private label brands and get another for just one penny. Isn’t that amazing? Pair that with JCPenney’s Save $10 off $25 or More Coupon and you got a pretty great deal on your hands. I was invited to partake in JCPenney’s Fashion Challenge where they send me $50 to spend ($25 for Me, $25 for Gabby) and see just how many outfits I could put together.

Gabriella’s Kid Fashion Challenge:

It was very simple to get outfits together for my child because the price of their clothes are much less than for adults. I could’ve purchased 2 Tops and 2 bottom pieces to stay in the $25 range (including the $10 off coupon), but I decided to add the $1.01 of my own money to get a better Variety which included 3 Tops and 1 bottom to get a bigger bang for my bucks. So $26.02 actually got her the Following Outfit Combos:

Mom’s Fashion Challenge:

So My challenge was a bit more challenging since i’m dealing with more expensive clothing options. I could’ve gone with 4 Shirts which would’ve left me with $6.82 on my Gift card (After Coupon discount), but I just added $1 and ended up get 2 $36 skirts (total was $26.01). I chose the skorts because I literally have dozens of shirts that I could easily pair the skorts with. These are the skirts I got from the St. John’s Bay line at JCPenney:

Overall, We had fun trying out this $25 challenge! If you can’t make it out to a physical store today, then you can shop the same deal online and pick up in store OR have it shipped free with any purchase over $49. Participating brands include the Original Arizona Jean Co., St. John’s Bay, Xersion and a few of your other favorite brands.

Did You Shop The BOGO “Penney” Deal? 
What did you get?

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  1. I love the outfits that you got for Gabby, they totally look like Spring. I haven't been to JC Penney in quite some time but with that sale, I will have to check them out and get some sutff for our trip coming up.

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