Spring into Easter Creativity with Pixie Doodles™

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Madame Alexander Pixie Doodles

Spring starts to bring color to the world after harsh winters. Easter follows and the kids look forward to dyeing eggs, Egg Hunts, and even easter crafts! I’ve always been in love with Madame Alexander dolls and was excited to learn that they’ve teamed up with Crayola™to create 9″ Dolls called Pixie Doodles™which allow girls to have a creative play activity.

Pixie Doodles™ are absolutely adorable Fairies which your 3+ year olds would have a blast “styling”. The dolls come with 3 Crayola™ fabric markers, Wings, Stickers, gems, and the doll’s 2-in-1 outfit (dress with removable skirt). Madame Alexander sent us Jazzberry Pink, Purple Pizzazz, Razzle Dazzle Rose Outfit, & Silver Starlight Outfit. I handed my daughter Jazzberry and gave her friend Pizzazz… They were very excited!

Purple Pizzaz Fairy has brilliant purple hair, lovely dark skin, and beautiful almond-shaped eyes! Her detachable fairy wings have a glitter, gold edge and her tutu skirt features purple tulle to match her hair. I can’t get over this doll’s complexion! The gold edging of her wings really highlight it and compliments her look even further.

On a beautiful Spring day, Gabby and I went to a small section in our neighborhood that I’ve deemed Harry Potter-ville to color, play, and take pictures. We opened up Jazzberry and Gabby colored away to create her masterpiece! I love how the dress features black outlines as a guide for kids ages 3+ to color.

The markers are permanent meaning you’ll have to buy new outfit packs to continue the fashion designing fun. It’ll be a cute idea to buy an outfit pack (or entire doll set) once a year from their 3rd B-day on and write their age inside the dress. That way, you can look at your kid’s changes in coloring over the years!

Kids can collect all the Pixie Doodle fairies such as: Sizzling Tangerine (orange), B’Dazzled Blue Bell (blue), and the Misty Green (green). Each fairy looks beautiful in her own color bringing out the lovely idea of diversity and the beauty that comes in different colors or forms.You can purchase the new Pixie Doodles online. Each doll retails for $19.95 and the color me dress accessory packs retail for $10.95.

Tell Me: Who’s your favorite Pixie Doodle?

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  1. I love the idea but not such a fan that the markers are permanent. I'm really not a fan of buying more stuff when I've already spent money buying something to begin with. Gabby looks like she's having tons of fun though playing.

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