Life with a Preschooler… #SickJustGotReal

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Disclaimer:I was invited to this event as media. All Opinions are honest and my own. We received a gift bag for attending. This post may contain affiliate links.

Stuffy/Runny noses, sneezing, coughs, fevers, chest congestions, pain, and Itchy, Watery Eyes…. That’s what I have to deal with on a monthly (occasionally Bi-Weekly) basis with my school attending toddler. A few weeks ago we were invited to an event in NYC with the pediatric brands of Pfizer, such as Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and Children’s Dimetapp®, and boy did I learn a lot more than I thought I knew! Here’s when I knew #SickJustGotReal

As parents, we have all experienced the “Ew” moment…. Or shall I say the “Ewwww, OMG! Why????” moment. That’s when your sweet, happy, joyful kid touches the most germ infested object they can find. When my kid is in school I know she touches so many germs. I know this because I’ve witnessed the kids clean their mucus on their hands or sleeve, then touch the toy someone else is using. There is where the cycle of germ passing begins.

The day of the event, Gabby had a cold. She was feeling a mess in prior days, but the Children’s Robitussin® we were giving her made her feel like a brand new person. Advil® is another product we trust whenever she gets a fever because it’s straight to the point! After just one dosage, she is ready to play again. One dosage of Children’s Advil® actually contains less liquid than one dosage of Children’s Tylenol®. 
Need more proof of all the yuck? Check out these “Pinnable” Icky Germ Facts:

Overall, we had a great time connecting, mingling, and learning about all the “EW” moments in the world. The Park, School, and even the School Nurse’s Office is contaminated with millions, billions, or even more Germs! And don’t blame yourself like I did. Kids get sick no matter how much you do to prevent it.

Let’s Chat: Are you a fan of the Pfizer Pediatrics line ? Which one is your Go-To for the sicky days?

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