Care Bears are at Build A Bear!

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Care Bears  have made their debut at Build-A-Bear Workshops® nationwide! I was excited to have been invited to checkout the cute and lovable Care Bears at the Empire State Building Location in NYC. My daughter didn’t go to school that day so it was a nice surprise for her!

When we walked in, the first thing we saw was Tenderheart bear and Cheer Bear welcoming us to their spot in the store. Gabriella chose Cheer Bear and I chose my favorite, Tenderheart. 

We walked over to the fluff machine and picked out a beating heart (Seriously, It vibrates and sounds like a beating heart!), a Scent pack (Gabby got Cotton Candy, I got Strawberry), and a sound for our bears (The Care Bears Theme song).

Throughout the year, Build A Bear will be rolling out other bears from the series as well as bedding and more outfits for the bears. Any child who loves Care Bears now and even adults who grew up watching these adorable bears will LOVE to be able to make their own Tenderheart and Cheer Bears. 

Now You have to be quick since it’s only for a year-long promotion highlighting the lovable, caring and sharing Care Bear bunch. No stores near you? No Problem! You can order online at Build A Bear.

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