Time to let the GloWubble Shine!

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This is a Sponsored Post. I received this GloWubble ball for review, as well as, financial compensation in
exchange for my honest opinion. As with all my posts, our opinions are
100% honest and our own. This post may contain affiliate links. #GloWubble

Two Wubble Reviews back to back? Oh Yes! We LOVE the Wubble brand. It’s like they keep reinventing new ways to make their wubble more awesome. We just reviewed the WubbleX and last year we showed you The original Amazing Wubble Ball… Now It’s time for the GloWubble to shine!

Similar to The Amazing Wubble Ball, the GloWubble came with instructions on how to inflate the bubble ball, the GloWubble
Ball, an electric Pump, inflation guide, return envelope in case
the ball pops or gets damaged, nozzle, and petroleum jelly. The only
things not included were 4 size D batteries.
BATTERIES required for the pump to work!
You’ll have some sad little people if you do. 

 Our First GloWubble was Blue and it glowed, but it may have been defected because it popped within seconds. I was able to get a new (green) one and it was AWESOME!

We headed to the little Purple toddler park by our home and were happy to see we were the only ones there. I mean it WAS cold so I guess I was the crazy one for being there. Anywho, we walked over to the benches and started getting the GloWubble ready. The most difficult part was inserting the nozzle. The jelly helps a little, but it would’ve been great if there were a nozzle adapter like in the Amazing Wubble Ball. 

Once we had our Ball inflated, it was time to play!

We Kicked it, Threw it, watched it bounce all over the ground and on the rustic leaves. Our GloWubble was really holding up! Did you know that it can inflate to up to 3  feet in under 2 minutes?? Less prep, more play.

Even Grandma joined in on the action!

Once the sun started to set, we could see our GloWubble start to shine neon green. It’s great for letting player see exactly where the ball has gone or is going. Gabby LOVES her “Bubble”. If you read last year’s Wubble Ball review, you’d see her favorite phrase is still “oooooOoo Bubble!”


Overall, we had a fun filled evening playing with the GloWubble. I’d highly recommend this for the kids on your lists. Even some adults would be happy. You can find the GloWubble at Amazon, Target, and Toys R Us!

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