WubbleX Anti-Gravity Ball Review!

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This is a Sponsored Post. I received this WubbleX ball for review, as well as, financial compensation in
exchange for my honest opinion. As with all my posts, our opinions are
100% honest and our own. This post may contain affiliate links. #WubbleX

So last year, Gabriella had the awesome chance of helping daddy and I review The Amazing Wubble Bubble Ball. We LOVE that bubble ball and a year later it is still perfect! We have luckily NOT had to replace it. When I got the opportunity to review the new WubbleX and the GloWubble (coming soon), I jumped at it!

The WubbleX is a small indoor Wubble ball that can be filled by an included can of helium. It’s suppose to defy gravity and make your kids feel like magicians. We couldn’t wait to try it out

Here’s what’s Included:

* Instruction Booklet 
* WubbleX
* Filling Straw 
* Petroleum Jelly 
* 2 Valve Ceiling Patches 
* 2 Sticker Sheets to decorate your WubbleX 
* 1 Helium Canister 

At full filled size, the WubbleX reaches about 9 inches. You will know it’s full once it starts to “Levitate” out of your hand. Gabby couldn’t wait to grab at it.

Though I heard other mixed reviews about the WubbleX popping within a few seconds or the Helium can not filling it all the way, Our WubbleX came out fine. Gabriella threw it, hit it, bounced it off the table, and (annoyingly) kept getting it up on the ceiling. I’d like to add that the first time was a mistake, but my terrible Twoddler (2 yr old Toddler) found joy in seeing me jump on the couch to grab it.

The WubbleX can be found on Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, and WubbleX Website! Prices vary between $7.99 – $27.99 depending on which site and IF you also get a canister. (WubbleX box does not carry a Helium Canister inside)

It was an overall fun toy, though I’d probably only use it on special events or rainy days due to the helium canisters only being enough to fill the ball One time. These would make great stocking stuffers! Now I’d like to know…

Have You played with the WubbleX?

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