Happy 80th Birthday, Monopoly…Plus some other fun toys! #Hasbro

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Disclaimer: I was invited to this event as media. All attendees received a gift bag for attending.

On a freezing cold day, a group of bloggers and media influencers gathered at an amazing spot in NYC to celebrate Mr. Monopoly’s 80th Birthday! It’s Been 80 years since this game was created. 80 years of sibling rivalries, calling people cheaters, & fighting about who gets to be the banker. With all of that, monopoly still have us 80 years of fun, family time, and togetherness.

Aside from monopoly, I was able to check out some new Hasbro toys from classics such as My Little Pony, Play doh, Doh Vinci, etc… 

As well as new toys from the hot movies like Jurassic Park, Star wars, and transformers.

As always, some of us mom bloggers got to act like kids again. Check out Mom In Love Forever & I in our cool Avengers Masks and Gloves. My Mask actually had a Voice changing function! How fun is that? I know all you Marvel lovers will enjoy it, whether big or small.

As we continued to walk through the 2 story venue, we arrived upon a whole bunch of Sesame Street toys. The main toy to catch my eye was the Play All Day Elmo! He’s so cute and I am very excited that Playskool continues to provide imaginative Play for your child! You can tickle Elmo, Play Games, Learn new things, and so much more. He even goes down for a ‘Nap’  in Nap mode and won’t wake up until a parent turns that switch back on. Here’s a video of the cuteness and fun that Play All Day Elmo Elmo provides.


Speaking of Playskool, they have come out with some really cool portable infant and toddler toys. Perfect for parents who are always on the go! Here’s a sneak peak of them, but look out for a full review soon.

After checking out everything else, we went upstairs to mingle with other digital influencers and Mr. Monopoly himself. We all sported our Top hats, bow ties, and Mustaches. Such a fun night and always a pleasure being a part of it.I’d like to leave you with a few fun Monopoly facts courtesy of Hasbro:

– More than 275 million sets have been sold worldwide.

Monopoly is available in 111 countries in 43 languages. (Many of those
sets substitute local landmarks for the familiar Atlantic City street

San Francisco jeweler Sidney Mobell is responsible for the most
expensive Monopoly set, a $2 million game with a golden board and
diamond-studded dice.

– The longest game on record lasted for 70 days.

The lowest rent in Monopoly? Mediterranean Avenue with no houses
(assuming its owner doesn’t also own Baltic Avenue). It’ll cost you $2
to land on it. The most expensive? Boardwalk with a hotel, worth a cool

– In 2008, more than 3,000 people played the game at the same time, a record.

Do you still play monopoly with your family and friends? 
What’s your favorite gamepiece? Leave your comment below!

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