KidOFit Footwear for Kids Review! #ToddlerFashion

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Disclaimer: We received the following products for free to facilitate my review. No monetary compensation was received. The opinions in the post are 100% honest and all Mine.

I am really starting to appreciate all of the children shoes that are being made now a days. They are the right shape, the right level of comfort, and most importantly… FASHIONABLE! The KidOFit Brand is known as the Barefoot Children’s shoe. They were generous enough to send me 2 pairs of shoes for my little one, but I’m only giving you the review of one for now. The Lily Model in Red.

Red is my FAVORITE color so I like to dress my daughter in it. I dressed her up in a cute Denim Shirt with red and gold striped leggings that matched perfectly with the red color and Gold specks of her Lily shoes. It looked Great. Even her Red and Black Rothschild coat looked fab with her KidOFit shoes. Gabby received many compliments from strangers about her Lily Shoes and I must agree they are a household favorite.

Two main things KidOFit did differently from the rest were:

  1. Create a Clear sole on the bottom of the shoe to take the guesswork out of how the shoes are fitting our kids. Seriously, you can see the toes! I no longer have to try and figure out if Gab’s feet are curled or if they just don’t fit.
  2. Include TWO soles in case you’re like me and buy shoes a bit bigger so they last. Gabby is currently wearing her Lily Shoes with Both soles and she still has room to grow.

Here’s some info and Features about KidOFit

KidOFit® shoes were created by Ron Bar, PhD in Biomedical Engineering who has
been developing innovative foot-care products over 20 years. Before KidOFit®,
Ron was the founder and president of Orthofeet, Inc., a leading company in the orthopedic shoe and foot orthotics business.
After selling his part in Orthofeet, Ron’s daughters – who have had
difficulties finding well-fitted shoes for their kids
– suggested that he should use his expertise in foot biomechanics and
shoe design to develop high-quality shoes for kids. Ron took the
challenge seriously, and created innovative shoes, which are designed to
promote healthy foot development in infants and toddlers.

  • BAREFOOT COMFORT – KidOFit Barefoot Sole(TM), made of a thin,
    flexible elastomer, mimics barefoot walking, promoting the development
    of bones and muscles, and improving posture skills.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Soft, flexible construction allows the foot to
    move naturally, as close as it gets to barefoot walking. Soft,
    foam-padded interior-lining enhances comfort and protection.
  • ANATOMICAL SHAPE – Wide, roomy Toe-Box offers a comfortable fit and
    extra space for toe movement. The wide base of the shoe enhances
    stability and walking confidence.
  • EASY ON AND OFF – KidOFit shoes are constructed with a wide opening
    at the tongue area, enabling the foot to easily enter the shoe without
    having to squeeze the toes.

 Another great feature of these shoes is the Adjustable strap at the back of some! Using the Velcro closure, parents can adjust the fit around the child’s ankle to make it tighter or looser. Customized to your Child’s size.

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to learn more about their shoes and visit their website to learn more
about why I recommend you get some of these Barefoot comfort shoes for your kiddies!

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  1. youre daughter is so cute and stylish! shes rocking these shoes. I love that they are easy on and easy off. I also like flexibility. I would def let my LO wear these.

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