FUNtastic Screening: Amazon’s Creative Galaxy!

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Earlier this week, my girls and I were able to cover for Fellow Mommy Blogger, Nichol, from Five Little Words at Amazon’s Creative Galaxy NYC Screening! While waiting for the show to Begin, we were able to have fun with the Bosco Photo Booth

Creative Galaxy is a make-along, create-along, interactive art adventure series for preschoolers (Although My 9 Year old, was Entirely Entertained) exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Characters Artie and Epiphany (Cutest Duo Ever!) travel around the galaxy to solve problems using the power of art and imagination, while inspiring creative thinking through crafts, music and dance. Whether the duo are drawing pictures to find their friend’s missing puppy or Artie making his own constellations for a night under the stars with his dad and Epiphany, Art is always their go to.

Being that we are all art fanatics and My friends Know me as Crafty Super Mom, I was super excited that following each episode, two kids (always different children) do the craft that was featured in the show. The crafts are super family-friendly activities that connect to the series’ educational content which emphasize lifelong learning.

The show features the celebrity voices of Jason Priestley (a.k.a. Brandon Walsh from the ORIGINAL Beverly Hills, 90210 series) and Cloris Leachman among others. The show’s producer, Angela Santomero, is also executive producer and co-creator of the long-running Nickelodeon children’s television program Blue’s Clues, as well as the PBS children’s shows Super Why and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!

After the screening, the kids were invited to craft a “starry constellation” Jar and draw Images using “simple shapes ” Just like Mr. Sketch (voiced by Jason Priestly) taught them. The show really encouraged the kids to get creative and if you could’ve seen the crowding of children at the art stations you would feel their excitement. If you’ve got an art lover at home ,Creative Galaxy  is for you!

Creative Galaxy launches this Friday, June 27th on Amazon Prime! Be Sure to watch it!

Everyone recieved a Swag Bag

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review of Creative Galaxy. We did receive a swag Bag for attending, but all opinions are Honest and all mine.

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